Newest Pilgrims Celebrate First Thanksgiving

I Am Thankful
Essay from fifth grader (translated from Spanish)

This is the first time I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving and I want to give special thanks to my grandparents, who are already in heaven, and who were the parents that I had for the last nine years.

I was born when my mother was 15 years old. She was a teenager, and instead of aborting me, giving me up or abandoning me, she decided to have me in her arms. She let go of her teenager years and because of it I owe her more than my life.

When I was three years old, she came to the United States because she could not find a job in Puebla, and there was not enough money to support ourselves. I stayed with my grandparents, and we lived on my grandfather’s retirement. They raised me like a daughter. They gave me lots of love and they were very kind to me. They helped me with my homework.

My mother left me when I was three years old and I didn’t remember her, but my grandfather always talked about her and gave me the love that she feels for me.

One day after my fourth birthday my grandmother passed away and my aunts and grandfather took care of me. My three aunts helped me with my homework and they went to my parents’ meetings at school, because my grandfather was selling clothes in the street.

This year, in May, my grandfather died in a traffic accident. I felt very bad because he was the only father that I have had and I felt very alone. My mother came back and brought me to this country. I didn’t remember her.

Now that I am 10 years old, and live in the United States, I understand the pain of my mother for not having lived with me, and with her dear ones. She has suffered too much, and although she comes home tired after working hard for very long hours, she cooks and helps me with the homework that I do not understand. For my life, for having a wonderful mother, and for being with her, I give thanks to God with all my heart.

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    REMARKABLE article. AMAZING! TOUCHING I would like to find out how I can donate to the school or volunteer. Please let me know.

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