I Am Thankful
Essay from fifth grader (translated from Spanish)

This is the first time I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving and I want to give special thanks to my grandparents, who are already in heaven, and who were the parents that I had for the last nine years.

I was born when my mother was 15 years old. She was a teenager, and instead of aborting me, giving me up or abandoning me, she decided to have me in her arms. She let go of her teenager years and because of it I owe her more than my life.

When I was three years old, she came to the United States because she could not find a job in Puebla, and there was not enough money to support ourselves. I stayed with my grandparents, and we lived on my grandfather’s retirement. They raised me like a daughter. They gave me lots of love and they were very kind to me. They helped me with my homework.

My mother left me when I was three years old and I didn’t remember her, but my grandfather always talked about her and gave me the love that she feels for me.

One day after my fourth birthday my grandmother passed away and my aunts and grandfather took care of me. My three aunts helped me with my homework and they went to my parents’ meetings at school, because my grandfather was selling clothes in the street.

This year, in May, my grandfather died in a traffic accident. I felt very bad because he was the only father that I have had and I felt very alone. My mother came back and brought me to this country. I didn’t remember her.

Now that I am 10 years old, and live in the United States, I understand the pain of my mother for not having lived with me, and with her dear ones. She has suffered too much, and although she comes home tired after working hard for very long hours, she cooks and helps me with the homework that I do not understand. For my life, for having a wonderful mother, and for being with her, I give thanks to God with all my heart.

Essay Two.

It is the first year that I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving and be with my mother.

When my mom came to this country I was six years old. I was feeling very sad because she did not even say goodbye to me. I went to bed every day, but when I got up she was gone. I asked for her and they told me that she had gone away very early in the morning. My mother worked very hard to save money and bring me here.

I left Honduras with a man. On my journey, I got motion sickness from the movement of the car. When we were at the border we walked many hours and we were locked in a house for several days. Then we walked along the desert for many more days and I got thorns and fleas in my skin. I felt very tired and I had a lot of fear since we had to hide in prickly trees and walk only at night time. They told me that we would have to walk a few more days, but I felt like it was forever.

Finally when I met my mother, the two of us were crying very much, but this time out of happiness for being united again.

Because of this, on this day, I am thankful for my life, for my mother, and for all the sacrifices that she made. I am also thankful for studying in this school and for having a teacher who wants me to learn, and she teaches me English. I am thankful for living in peace with my family and for all the opportunities that I have, especially to play soccer.

Essay Three

I am learning that Thanksgiving is a very special day in this country and an opportunity to think about the things for which I am most thankful.

I give thanks for my life and because I can walk, see, smell, and learn every day. I especially feel a great love for my mother.

In Mexico, I had a very hard life because I used to work in the fields digging deep well ruts to bury canes and I had to plough using animals. To tame the bulls is very difficult since they can stomp on you, or knock you down or even fracture you with their great force.

When you want to eat meat you have to go out to the pasture or you have to go fishing. When you go out to pasture up on the hill, you have to catch food in a net. When you go fishing in the river, it is different because you have to use chiquiguites, baskets made of reed-grass, and if the fish escape, you will fall down in the chiquiguites. In addition, it is necessary to take wrapped hand lamps in a bag to go fishing under the water or the fish will escape from the rods.

Because of all of this, on this day, I am thankful for all the sacrifices that my mother made in order for us to be reunited again after five years. I am thankful for being at Mission Education Center and for all the opportunities to learn that God is giving me.

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