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Covering the Police

SFPD and FBI illegally collected information on San Franciscans for years

The San Francisco Police Department for years coordinated with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in violation of local laws and the SFPD’s own policies restricting information-gathering on civilians based on political and religious affiliation, and other activities protected by the First Amendment.

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As SFPD reform effort drags on, communities of color feel disconnected

After three years, the San Francisco Police Department has completed 29 of the 272 reform recommendations made by the U.S. Department of Justice. That’s 11 percent. With nine-tenths of the work remaining, community members remain wary of the effort involved and note that, accordingly, they’re seeing few changes on the ground. 

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‘Hello, Officer’: The SFPD’s efforts to speak your language are both high-tech and low-tech

One police officer behind a foldout table at a senior center may not look like the most advanced breakthrough in community policing, but the Ingleside District — which partially encompasses Visitacion Valley and Sunnydale, neighborhoods at the southeastern fringe of the city — is one of the few stations experimenting with placing officers in communities less comfortable with visiting a police station. 

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