Richard Lee

Richard Lee is a just another ordinary child. He chose to start off reporting mainly to write about Mission High School sports. The primary intent to why he started journalism was to cover basketball games to inform parents and fans of the games when they were not able to attend scheduled contests. His most vital goal is to have more individuals read his works to show that various insights and intellectual thinking can be emitted and purveyed by not only educated adults, but by the budding youth as well.

Stories by Richard

Galileo Squeaks By Mission 53-52

On a cold Wednesday night, the Galileo Lions beat the visiting Mission Bears 53-52 in the final seconds of an extremely close game. The teams...

Mission Bears Struggle on a Warm Afternoon

"Tomorrow’s a new day," said coach Dan Grossman. "I can give you all the sports clichés in the world, but these guys are resilient."