A blurry image of Mama's Market on Dolores Street at dusk, with headlights streaming by.
Dolores Street. Photo by Walter Mackins.

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I am a native San Franciscan. Since becoming a photographer I’ve found The City always ready for her close-up, blemishes and all. I love doing shots here— can’t let tourists have all the fun.

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  1. Yep. Proprietor’s dad makes the jam. I have a peculiar disposition towards apricots. Don’t “hate” the fresh fruit (if you put ’em in front of me I’ll eat ’em, but. . .); just prefer them in a jam, marmalade, or jelly form. Plus I lean heavily towards Middle Eastern and all-the-way-around-the-Med-type cooking. Toss in “Syrian apricot jam” and I’m on the way to making some sort of modified tajine or sumpin’ other. Good stuff. 😉

  2. Lots to like about this snap, especially as it is now a part of a 100-year-old building’s history. According to what I was able to dig up, Mama’s Market is now Delores Deluxe, a new wine and spirits store that opened in October. The curved neon sign was kept and name and color changes were added.

    I like how the snap captures the essence of “Spirits Mama’s Market” (“spirits” captured on a rare evening lark). I used to drive past the store in its former incarnation and smile at what seemed to be an ethereal sort of name for a corner mom and pop. Never made it in to explore.

    Now I’m encouraged to go check it out next trip to the City, not to necessarily pick up the main attractions, but because now there’s the offer of homemade Syrian apricot jam. Gotta get some of that!

    1. Thanks! That evening I was out playing around with shutter speeds and aperture settings. I like how you connected spirits to “spirits”. I too have never been inside. I’m glad they kept the neon. And if there is a new drag queen ready to debut but still looking for a name, look no further than “Delores Deluxe”! Cheers!

      P.S. Homemade Syrian apricot jam? I’m “in”!

      1. Hey there! This is Ramzi, the proprietor of Dolores Deluxe! Thank you for the kind words about my dad’s jam (it wasn’t always this good, took him a few years to get it right haha)!

        Speaking of my dad, he used to live on Jersey & Dolores when I was a kid, and we shopped here when it was Papa’s Market (you heard that right – it was also called Papa’s back in the day). It wasn’t until I looked at the building records that I learned about the original store and our current namesake.

        Thanks for capturing the “spirit” of my hometown in this picture, and hope to see you soon!