Image from Elon Musk's tweet last night.

Last night was a big night for Twitter. Elon Musk asked all of Twitter’s employees to make a decision: Agree to work “extremely hardcore,” or leave. 

The fate of the company remains unknown. No surprise, #RIPTwitter is trending.

The prospect of Twitter’s demise means drama on Twitter, and users have started to post their “last words” eulogies with the humor, love and attitude the social media platform has long inspired.

Here is a partial archive of what Mission Local’s followers and friends are posting. Post your favorites in the comments. Or tell us what your last Twitter words would be.

“This feels like the moment before the giant fireball consumes us where we all hold hands and tell each other that the greatest tweet storm of all was the one that brought us together. “280 characters was never enough to drag you all,” she whispers.”

Vivian Ho

Joan of Narrative Arc. Freelance Journalist. Author.

It is wild to think that I was just a teenage nobody that because of Twitter propelled me into the NYT, a biography on the Atlantic and my housing ideas codified into policies and prescriptions from my own town all the way to the White House.

Darrell Owens

Policy analyst & data lord @cayimby

just got off a plane and wondering.. if shit goes down while someone’s in the air, where will we all go to make jokes while we wait for them to land now??

Julia B. Chan

Editor-in-chief @19thnews

plz elon let me get to 1000 followers before it all ends

Eliyahu Kamisher

Covering transportation @mercnews

Laura Foote, an affordable housing advocate, shared a whole thread of her newborn baby’s memes, in reaction to some latest housing policy changes.

Since these might be my last tweets, I’ve been meaning to do a big thread on the latest addition to our multifamily housing, Freddie Moss.

I have deeper thoughts about the meaning of life, building a society for the next generation, the strain the housing shortage puts on families, etc. But this is about the memes. Because this child is a meme machine. You are here by authorized to use these housing memes.

Laura Foote

Executive Director @yimbyaction

Parker Day, the founder of Zovida, just started his rail journey across Canada today. He wondered if his trip will last longer than Twitter.

Will our train trip last longer than Twitter? Tune in to find out!!

Parker Day

Founder of Zovida, transportation lover

If Twitter implodes, I will be v sad, in part bc it’s the best news feed I’ve ever encountered. But I’ll also be happy to reclaim the approx. 10% of my brain space and 15% of my free time and relearn that trickiest of skills known as normal human interaction. #Godspeed

Ashley Parker

Senior National Political Correspondent @washingtonpost

yeah sure okay i get “twitter is not real life” but i’m high-key stressed about the extent to which i’ve actually internalized that

Raynell Cooper

transportation planner, pop music lover

Before we go, I’m actually straight and own a car dealership.

Hayden Clarkin

“The Transit Guy”

Elizabeth Creely shared a picture of her riding a bike and wrote “See you on the streets”.

This is the best picture anyone has ever taken of me. Don’t know what will happen to this site, but I know where all my beloveds are. So it’s good. See you on the streets.

Let’s end this memorial thread with a meme from Jerque Cousteau. If you can’t see the linked twitter below one day, the collapse might happen already.

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  1. He showed up carrying a sink, then sent the company down the 🚽 in less than two weeks. And that was before he reactivated the accounts of Kanye West (anti-Semite) and Trump (anti-Semite, rapist, twice-impeached would-be insurrectionist).

    And that’s just the latest in the overrated career of Musk Oil – the trust fund-baby with bad hair plugs, whose “fortune” comes from his dad’s South African apartheid he of the numerous sexual harassment suits, multiple “hazardous work environment” lawsuits, countless stories of racism, and the “Hyperloop” train that took millions from CA taxpayers with nothing to show for it:

    Watching his clueless sycophants try to rationalise his growing dumpster fire is the only entertainment to be wrought from this bad farce.

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  2. Funny that this publication that has spent years vilifying “techies” now somehow cares about Twitter or it’s employees.

    Newsflash. Elon Musk didn’t spend $44 billion so he could implode the platform.

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