An Elderly woman walking a dog.
At the SPCA. Photo by Robert Livingston

Even though the SPCA was closed on Labor Day, dogs must be walked. A
volunteer (who did not want to be named) walks “Willow” an elderly Boston
Terrier still eager to chase pigeons.

“I don’t have my own dog,” the volunteer tells me, “but I like taking care
of the older dogs because they are easier. I get my furry fix this way!”

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  1. Me-thinks that very kind volunteer might be with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue – because of the yellow apron. SPCA’s also very kind volunteers wear blue aprons. The two organizations are on the same stretch of “Rescue Row”, and both have multitudes of lovely dogs that deserve forever homes- old and young (I’m partial to the senior mutts). Scroll down on Muttville’s “Volunteer” page to see photo of volunteer in signature yellow apron, with a lapful of adorable senior mutts.