Trees at 24th Street BART Plaza
At 24th Street BART Plaza. Photo by Robert Livingston. Sometime before 2013.

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  1. 2 large street trees were just removed this week in 24th btwn Capp and South Van Ness. anyone know the deal? i didn’t see any signs or notices…

    1. Those trees were beautiful. We lost them for several reasons–but not without lots of meetings to discuss options. It took well over 10 years to gain consensus on what to do. The trees provided visual cover for drug deals on both sides of the fence (on the plaza and in the alley). Hypodermic needles in the plaza’s planters injured maintenance staff. There was no warning when heavy branches fell. The trees’ roots had become disruptive. Clearing the trees accompanied demolishing the planters, opening access from the plaza to the alley, removing the 13′ high metal picket barrier around the center of the plaza, installing a fence against the neighboring bank’s side wall and planting flowering vines there (that kept being vandalized so there are no flowering vines–darn).