Tower Theater on Mission Street
On Mission Street. Photo by Robert B. Livingston. September 28, 2021.

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  1. So sad to see this old movie house in disrepair and unused. As a kid growing up in the mission, the Tower , was our local Spanish speaking movie house. First run English speaking films were often shown there as well, usually with subtitles, rarely dubbed. The hotdogs were the best. I thought it would be revived like the New mission was, not so. At least it would be great to see the facade repainted to show off its deco style and rid us of the unsightly graffiti. I’m sure if the Tower were on Valencia, “the darling of the mission” this would be in use or at least cleaned up. but here it lies, a sad reminder of the Missions former glory, Valencia streets grand and older sister.

  2. . . . and decrepitude. Tree in the shot suggests a contrast between the living and the dead. Great pic and composition.