Bar stool at Delirium with sunshine coming in.
At Delirium on 16th Street. Photo by Angel Mayorga.

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    1. Sorry to hear about Leafs. Damn! Toronto is on my list of places to go. Seems like a cool town. Cheers!

  1. Yo, Walt –

    Leafs will Leaf; always do (can’t roll my eyes back into my head far enough on this….)

    Highly recommend visiting “T.O.,” sometimes known as “The Big Smoke.” People and cuisine diversity’s off the charts. You can ride the “Rocket” or underground portion of the TTC (Toronto’s MUNI) and people diversity jumps out at you!

    Art museums? Check out the AGO or ROM (MANY others). Restos? Pick a culture and do a Google look see. Want a horseback lesson with flatwork and cavalletti? Head down to the “Ex” (Exhibition Place). Sailing? Well, duhh – there’s the lake. Allllllll kinds of sports besides hockey: the b’balls, the footballs, lacrosse, fencing, archery, aquatics…! Music? GTFO!

    Doesn’t hurt to speak some French, but not required.

    Lemme know how you do! 🙂

    1. Haha, l feel your pain, partner. (Wilmer Flores did NOT swing!) Go Giants!

      Thanks for the trip advisor. By the way, only recently heard Toronto referred to as “The Big Smoke” literally last week. Everything you noted is what I’ve always heard about Toronto. Diversity in food, cultures, the arts, sports et al. Sounds like a splendid time guaranteed. (My interest goes back to a scene in a movie I saw decades ago— filmed there — where a streetcar went by. It was not unlike what are now considered our “vintage” streetcars and I remember thinking, “Hey, they’ve got the same streetcars we do. Cool!”) And did I mention that I was a big fan of “Forever Knight”?

      My dream? Visiting during a World Series between the G- Mens and the Blue Jays. Dream big, eh! And lest I create an intentional incident, my wife can make with the “Parlez Vous.”

      It’s CarnavalSF Sunday. One life. Don’t blow it! Viva Carnaval!

      P.S. You had me at “horseback lesson.” 😉Happy trails!

  2. I suspect it’d be pretty hard for you to make an “International incident” – seem like a pretty cool dude, plus folks in T.O. are pretty urbane in general, painting with a moderately broad brush. And your wife would likely enjoy randomly breaking out her language skills. Canucks are friendly in both languages.

    You’d have a good time with the Jays fans. I was up there just after their pennant repeat, and it was UN-sane, man! Holy! Good times.

    Hope you had a great Carnival. 🙂

    1. No Carnaval for me this year. Content to watch the Monaco Gran Prix— and the Indy 500: Does that make me a race… ist? Haha! –and look at photos I took at parades in 2010, ‘14 and ‘18. Memories from… Good times in… The Before Time😉
      Hope to make that trip someday. Life being stranger than fiction, you’ll end up sitting next to me & the mamsahib at a Leafs game, realize we know each other and… I’ll buy you a beer!😀 Cheers!

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