Photo by George Lipp. Carnaval 2022.

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George Lipp

George Lipp has long lived in the Mission. He’s our volunteer extraordinaire – always out taking photos or running across crimes in progress.

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  1. The parade was great. After the parade, horrible. Drunks flooded 24th street, did donuts in the intersections, peed and vomited everywhere, blocked driveways, revved motorcycle engines, broke glass and left heaps of trash – and set off tons of fire crackers. No cops to be seen.

    I wish ML would make more of a journalistic effort to document these post-events – as well as 4th of July mayhem. It’s scary and out of hand, just a matter of time before people get really hurt/burn down houses, etc.

  2. Carnaval faces? In other news, carnaval remaining a very foreign concept in these parts. Maybe try again next year…