Patrick Perez, 45.

Steph Curry

“His ability to lead, his good sportsmanship, and just his ability to always be good enough to improve upon his game or be consistently good.”

Karina Crawford,40. At Ruby’s Beauty Salon. Photo by Neal Wong


“He’s little, but he’s still going out

Rudy Antonio-Gomez, 40. At Ruby’s Salon. Photo by Neal Wong


I like the way he shoots

Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia, 45. Photo by Neal Wong

Klay Thompson

“I like him. For me, he’s the best. Number one.”

Matt Villanueva, 24. At SFSU Photo by Neal Wong


“Because he’s the shortest”

John Rivera
John Rivera, 19. Photo by Neal Wong

Jordan Poole

“He has swag on the court. He has it all in his bag—he’s a hooper.”

Khoa Ho
Khoa Ho, 34 at Pro Image Auto Collision Photo by Neal Wong


I play basketball from time to time and I see myself as a point guard.”

Mike Magsaysay at Carlos A. Bookkeeping and Taxes. Photo by Neal Wong.

Draymond Green

I play like him

Carlos Ausejo , 32. Carlos A. Bookkeeping and Taxes. Photo by Neal Wong


“Shooters gonna shoot.”

Wealthy Guan, 26, in front of Taquerias Brisas De Vallarta. Photo by Neal Wong

Chris Chiozza

Most similar physical stats-wise.”

Omar Dardom, 17, Excelsior and Mission bus stop. Photo by Neal Wong


He has many injuries and came back after two years same with me, I had a torn ACL and fractured tibia.

Yared Rodriguez, 21. The intersection of Mission and Trumbull. Photo by Neal Wong


He’s everywhere and just really good. Michael Jordan of his time.

Rigo Gomez, 26, Mission and 26th Street. Photo by Neal Wong.


” Laid back”

Marvin Portillo, a Security guard for Mission Cultural Center. Photo by Neal Wong


“He’s the defense. Doesn’t get a lot of credit, but he makes it work. He brings that presence. He’s got the body. Defense makes the offense.”

Ron Candis,26. Mission and 15th Street. Photo by Neal Wong.

Andre Iguodala  

“Because he’s strong and athletic and great. I played him as a child.”

Mauricio Carrillo, 26. Near Mission and 11th Street. Photo by Neal Wong


“His type of play is various modes, he can play hard and chooses not to and he’s good, like me he laughs”

Isaac Younesian 45. Near Mission and 7th Streets. Photo by Neal Wong


“He takes care of everybody on the team. He’s the enforcer on the team. He doesn’t let anybody on other teams talk shit about the team. He’s like a big brother.”

Moe H, 46, between 15th and 16th on Mission Street. Photo by Neal Wong


“Because he’s the best.”

Let us know the Warrior you most identify with and why.

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  1. Iggy. Because he has fun on the court and is the secret sauce behind the Warriors’ championship runs.

    1. Thanks for such a thoughtful response. Glad I read about what you had to say, a reflection of what you’ve been thinking about. A voice we don’t hear much of. Way to go, Ann! Way to make your voice heard! So Heartening to see such a thoughtful response. Oh. Wait. I was rooting through my toilet pulling out soiled toilet paper, not reading your absolutely thoughtful response. Terrible mistake. Won’t happen again. It was so nice to meet you, Ann. I hope to see you again soon, I know we will have a real fun time at the party this weekend.