At the scene of the accident this morning at 22nd and Harrison streets. Photo by Elizabeth Creely

A 23-year-old teacher riding a motorized scooter died this morning after being hit by a large truck in the area of Harrison Street and 22nd streets, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

The medical examiner identified the victim as Abraham Joshua, 23, a San Francisco resident. He was a teacher at Mission Preparatory School, at 1050 York St.

At approximately 7:34 a.m, officers from Mission Station responded to the incident. All parties involved remained at the scene when police arrived.

The victim was riding a scooter prior to the incident, the SFPD said in an email to Mission Local. 

Joshua was traveling eastbound on 22nd Street when he was struck by a semi truck, said Elizabeth Creely, a contributor to Mission Local who arrived at the scene around 8:45 a.m.



Harrison St.

22nd St.

Joshua was

traveling east

on 22nd St.

The truck was

traveling north

on Harrison St.

The Castro



Noe Valley

Harrison St.

22nd St.

Joshua was

traveling east

on 22nd St.

The truck was

traveling north

on Harrison St.



Map by Will Jarrett. Base map geography from MapBox.

Officers found the man on the roadway. He died from his injuries at the hospital, police said.

According to police, impairment does not appear to be a factor in the collision.

This is a breaking story and we will update as we get more information.

This investigation is ongoing and active. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the SFPD Tip line at 1-415-575-4444 or Text a Tip to TIP411 and begin the text message with SFPD. You may remain anonymous.  

A semi hit a person on a scooter this morning at 7:45 a.m. at 22nd and Harrison streets. Photo by Elizabeth Creely.
A the scene of the accident this morning at 22nd and Harrison streets. Photo by Elizabeth Creely.

This article has been clarified Thurs. March 3. The Medical Examiner originally reported the age was 24. He was 23, and would have turned 24 later this year.

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  1. Some of the comments are very disappointing. A young man was killed and another young man(the driver) is destroyed by this accident! I drive this city 10 hours a day everyday and I watch bad decisions by motorists and pedestrians. We all need to slow down and think about our fellow citizens. The city has turned into a very selfish place, people double park anywhere, run lights, and bikes shoot through stop signs or fly by you on the sidewalks.We have to share the road in this congested city. Please stop pointing fingers and start making suggestion that can work for both sides. I pray for both families affected by this horrible accident. 🙏

  2. Words can’t explain how sad it is to hear this brilliant’s young person’s life is cut short by this horrible accident.
    Our family is deeply saddened to hear about the loss of Abe but he is going to be in our hearts for the rest of our lives.
    For the family of Abe we are thinking of you and wishing you moments of peace as you mourn the loss of your son, Abe.

    The Wolde family,
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  3. Rest In Peace. A vigil will be held Saturday March 5, 2022 at 6 pm from the community on 22nd and Harrison. All are welcome.

  4. I find all this speculation and vitriol disgusting. This was an awful event. We don’t know the details and right now what matters is that an amazing young man died. People are hurting! He was my daughters favorite teacher! Get some perspective people, and think before you write! Especially when you really don’t know what you are talking about.

  5. Abe was one of those people you get to meet once in your life. His friendship was a gift. The loss is staggering, however, the memories are stronger. They will remain, and he will live through them. Rest in peace.

    1. Rachel, I don’t really see anyone wearing a helmet while driving a scooter. I see a few people on bicycles once in a while with a helmet. I guess it’s up to the individual’s choice and decision.

  6. I know the family and they are devastated over the loss of their child. My heart aches just thinking about the pain they must be experiencing right now. I’m truly sorry to his family, his friends, his students and anyone else who had the opportunity to know this genuinely great young man. He was at the prime of his life in anticipation of a lifetime of achievements and contributions to society. Rest in peace.

    1. I never turn off when going NB on Mission. I also drive on the “slow streets” whenever I need to and do the same on all lanes of Geary. I drive construction pickup trucks. I drive around 25/30 mph max. No issues. Police don’t care about a licensed, registered, non -tweeker. Pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers who need a wake up call get the horn. I disregard the ridiculous traffic signs that have been put up these last 5 years. LoL. No way.

      The accidents happen from speeding cars and joggers/bicyclists not stopping for their own stop signs.

      Commenting on how certain seniors or addicts staggering out of the Geary median would be accurately insensitive.

  7. That was my teacher 🙁 I’m one of the students he taught. It was his first year teaching to. He would always be at my basketball practices. He enjoyed teaching us science so much. May his soul be at peace🙏🏽

  8. I was present that morning and saw him laying on the pavement, all I could think about was his family. Yes we lost someone helping our children in our community, but people need to realize that there is 4 stop signs on that intersection. No meter maid or bump is going to save a life when people driving anything doesn’t stop. As a driver I see scooters/bicyclists not stopping for stop signs, padestrians and running red lights. Everyone must do their part to keep everyone safe.

    1. I agree with you — it’s endemic that vehicles of all kinds, including and especially faster moving motorized scooters, fly through 4-way stop signs, without so much as a pause, all the time in the Mission.

      If the truck driver was actively accelerating into the intersection, he just couldn’t have stopped in time.

      I’m just heartbroken for this young teacher, but also the truck driver and both of their families.

      Until we know all of the details, it is hard to blame one party over the other.

      Please keep us posted!

    2. But that 70s cabover rig is a hazard. No front plate and no trailer – hard to imagine it was bring used for commercial purposes. Visibility from the cab is going to be sparse and those wide open rear wheels are death traps.

    3. Love the victim blaming here.
      Ask yourself this. If the rig made a full stop at that 4-way sign and then just happened to hit Abraham as it started moving again, why did it stop so far down the street? Even a big truck can stop faster than that.

    4. Anon. Mom, you are so right!
      The rules of the road are not just for car drivers, but for everybody to follow. Bicycles and scooter drivers. Including pedestrians as they walk the streets.

  9. Condolences to the family. Call it whatever you want. A young brilliant life was lost

  10. *A driver of” “A semi hit a person on a scooter this morning…” Trucks don’t just run themselves into people on their own….

    1. God bless all involved. Overall a life was loss and nothing can change that. We all need to be careful traveling the city.

  11. There’s so much speeding going on around Harrison. The road has 25MPH limit but all vehicles are going so much faster.

  12. Looking forward to an update. 22nd and Harrison is a four way stop. Might as well be that the scooter running into the truck?

  13. I city (Mayor London Breed) does nothing to protect the safety of bike riders – by this I mean there is no enforcement of vehicles blocking bike lanes.

    1. No way George!

      We will always need cars and trucks, we need our produce, meat, food, medicine, essentials delivered to our stores and seniors, people with disabilities and all get to places. Not to miss, the packages that lots of people now order thru the internet. Cars will always be on the road.

  14. How many lives would be saved if DPW would just get over their shit and install speed bumps all over the city?

    1. Why’s a truck driving northbound in a residential neighborhood on Harrison St.?
      My guess: SFMTA having NB traffic take turns off of Mission Street? How about we stop choking off traffic in the name of “calming”

      1. You are suggesting that we just ensure everyone gets killed on Mission and SVN instead of getting killed on Harrison. Why not make all the streets safe, which is the point of traffic calming in the first place.

      2. it’s a SFMTA MUNI truck used to move cable cars. It is stored in the China basin area and a MUNI maintenance shop is at the end of Harrison near Best Buy, it was most likely on the way there. Seems like from the drawing, the truck technically has the right-of-away with being on the right and it’s hard to imagine a scooter could’ve started from a stop and gotten that far in front of a truck without hearing it if they actually came to a complete stop on 22nd. And unfortunate loss of a life nonetheless.

    2. No, the City has done way too much. There are lots of bicycle lanes all over the city. Besides the red carpet for the buses. There were so many car accidents on Thursday night, is it the city to blame? For people driving recklessly and over speeding? No!!!

      I’ve been almost run over by people on scooters and bicycles while I cross the street and walking on the sidewalk. And I have seen scooters not stop at stop signs, including the bicycle users. Everybody needs to be driving carefully and responsibly.

      Not just people behind a car!

    1. Unless one of the two parties intended for the crash to occur, which seems quite doubtful, it was indeed an accident, albeit an unhappy one. Traffic accidents are unhappy pretty much by definition.

    2. Thank you Maureen. Spot on. These crashes are preventable. Our streets around schools and throughout our city must be designed for people and not big rigs. People on foot, bikes, and scooters are fallible. So are drivers. Our roads do not have to be.