Photos of San Francisco school board members Gabriela López, Alison Collins, and Faauuga Moliga
Recalled School board president Gabriela López, and commissioners Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga. Photos courtesy SFUSD

New data released on Feb. 3 shows that the funding gap between the pro- and anti-school board recall campaigns has narrowed in the past few weeks, but only slightly. For every dollar raised by the anti-recall campaign, about $22 has been raised by their opposition.

By Jan. 31, the pro-recall committees had raised $1.86 million. The anti-recall campaign had raised only $85,700. About $47,000 of that money went to Faauuga Moliga’s campaign, while the remaining $38,600 was split between all three embattled school board members.

On the pro-recall side, about two-thirds of donations are of $100 or less. But, because of the sheer size of their large donors’ contributions, the majority of money raised by the campaign comes from large donors. The top five pro-recall contributors, including PACs, have raised more than $1 million between them. Their largest individual donor, Arthur Rock, has given $399,500 directly to the recall, and even more to recall-aligned PACs.

On the anti-recall side, about half of donations are under $100, and the largest donors are PACs and unions. Their biggest donations come in at $10,000 each.

Take a look at the updated chart below to see who has been giving to either side. Hover over each dot for details and use the search bar to highlight specific donors.

For more information on the recall and its funding, take a look at the SF Ethics Dashboard or see our previous coverage.

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