On 16th in front of Cream. October 6, 2021 Photo by Angel Mayorga

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  1. thanks you two!!

    indeed, i am a guy ..

    we were daytime sippin at Delirium when a bar bud said, There Are Two Mules Walking Across The Street.

    i replied, Bro You Have to Cut Back on the Hallucinogenics.

    i glanced over, and ..


    i rushed over to take the pic ..

  2. Thanks, Mr. Mackins!!

    (Sincere thanks for the link, Mr. Mayorga, as well as your kind disposition.)

  3. Beautiful babies. Thanks for the link, Ms. Mayorga, and good luck to the mules with their case against the CHP. On the one hand, I’m glad the case was filed if rights were violated. On the other. . . Well. He will need strength and patience; his faith and determination seem just fine. However, California’s court system is the biggest in the nation (often provides training and philosophical considerations for court officers from court systems of other states and also many countries). It’s a big, branglin’, congested process that can chew up your time, energy, sometimes health, plus this guy’s going up against the state’s cops. They don’t deserve special treatment any more than anyone else if they’ve screwed up, but sometimes “the process” rolls more their way through, e.g., delays, appeals, sluggish responses, cumbersome legal apparatus, so this is like. . . David vs. Godzilla-Mothra-Goliath. Still, I hope for the very best for the mules in this fight. Go get ’em!