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  1. Ha, ha! I’ll have to check this one out sometime. I like that it will likely keep its quirk indefinitely, which adds to the humor and individuality of the neighborhood.

    I only know the one over on Church and 14th. It’s been through a few ownerships since the original George opened it up. To my current recollection, it’s now at least Jim’s-John’s-Sean’s (Shawn’s?)-George’s, with Sean having taken over from his dad when John passed away.

    There’s an out back area with a citrus tree, iirc, maybe shared with Casa Mexicana’s out back area, technically behind Churchill’s (formerly the Transfer for a zillion years, at least long enough to be my “office” for 23 years).

    Jim’s-John’s-Sean’s-George’s had a smallish gray, longhaired cat named Dog – I am not kidding. Answered to her given name, too. Maybe she still lives there, mousin’ about.

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