On Mission Street. Photo by Walter Mackins

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Walter Mackins

I am a native San Franciscan. Since becoming a photographer I’ve found The City always ready for her close-up, blemishes and all. I love doing shots here— can’t let tourists have all the fun.

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  1. Wonder if the destination is the bakery. Grand Mission used to be a guaranteed discount sugar coma, super welcome after wearing yourself out grocery shopping up and down Mission Street.

    Duc Loi is across from there on the SW corner. Used to shop there long before the rebuild and price hikes, when it was a scruffy little wooden shelved place to get good deals on produce, exotic and commonplace – parking out back.

    You can still get deals at both places, but you have to look harder, maybe have some luck, too.

    And Wang Fat’s has been a companionable ghost for a lotta years now, there on the Duc Loi kitty corner.

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