Dominic Barsetti
Sheriff's Deputy Dominic Barsetti. Photo from Facebook

The District Attorney filed charges today against Dominic Barsetti, a San Francisco deputy sheriff, for battery, vandalism and threatening guests at a potluck last Thursday in Parkmerced. 

Barsetti, 32, will be arraigned Wednesday morning. 

He was arrested last Thursday after police received a call about a man who was threatening to shoot people during a party.

Barsetti was off duty at the time of the incident. He allegedly sexually assaulted an 18-year-old woman at the gathering by “grabbing her inappropriately and pulling her hair,” the DA’s press release said. When confronted by others at the party, Barsetti allegedly picked up a guitar and swung it around, damaging items in the apartment. 

He then threatened to get a gun from his collection and shoot the guests there, the release said. According to those present, he had shown the victims his handgun collection earlier that day. 

Barsetti appears to be a gun enthusiast: His Facebook profile picture shows a child holding an assault rifle, and his profile URL is set to “domshooter.” While Barsetti doesn’t have many recent public posts, one from several years ago shows support for the Second Amendment. 

“The allegations in this case are outrageous, and particularly troubling coming from someone we entrusted to wear a star and uniform,” said District Attorney Chesa Boudin. “We will hold Deputy Barsetti accountable for his actions.” 

Barsetti was booked at a Marin County jail on Friday morning, and remained there as of Tuesday, according to Marin County records. He is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning for the arraignment. 

The charges against him include four counts of felony criminal threats, one count of misdemeanor vandalism, two counts of simple battery, and one count of misdemeanor sexual battery. 

Barsetti’s arraignment was originally scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, but a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office confirmed that the court date was continued to the next morning since Barsetti’s attorney could not appear. 

A spokesperson for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, Christian Kropff, confirmed that Barsetti has been placed on administrative leave pending his arraignment, but did not comment on the allegations. 

“We do not comment on active criminal investigations,” Kropff said, “He is owed his fair day in court.” 

Kropff released a statement on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department, “The SFSO holds our staff to the highest law enforcement professional standards on and off duty. We will investigate this matter thoroughly once the criminal justice process has concluded.” 

It is unclear how long Barsetti has worked at the Sheriff’s Department.

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  1. unwanted touching (even clothes) is classified “simple assault and battery” for the purposes of detailing possible charges for arrest; a magistrate reviews the proposed charges and evidence before issuing formal charges/arrest warrant; prosecutors decided what charges stick and which are folded into a trial or conviction.

  2. “…two counts of simple battery, and one count of misdemeanor sexual battery. ”

    I’ve never understood why battery can get classified as “simple,” or why sexual battery hasn’t been elevated above the classification of a misdemeanor.

    1. Because otherwise, a light slap on the arm would be classified the same as balling up your fist and punching me on the jaw.