Man in an orange chair on 16th Street
On 16th Street. Photo by Walter Mackins

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Walter Mackins

I am a native San Franciscan. Since becoming a photographer I’ve found The City always ready for her close-up, blemishes and all. I love doing shots here— can’t let tourists have all the fun.

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  1. This is such a nice story portrait, augmented by the fortuitous catch of colors that contrast just enough to draw the eye in without jarring it or taking away balance; grace of the relaxed hand, while the other holds the bevvie at just the right height of a cordial saluté; and the smile, cupped by the sign of times we know well these days, glows from the inside. Maybe he’s looped on his bevvie, but so what if he is? This all came together into a wonderful keeper.

  2. Love the man on the orange chair! Fit embodies so many great qualities…. a tall Budweiser and an orange chair from which to watch the world of San Francisco move by! Yes, please..

  3. Thirsty Stork– I LIKE THAT!– Thank you so much for the kind words, allowing me to see even my own photograph in a new way. That I was able to get that snap while on my way to another photo destination (A previously-seen graffiti which, as it turned out, had been painted over) only reinforces that I do not subscribe to coincidence. Again, thank you.

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