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People We Meet: Oscar Muñoz & The Mellows SF

Oscar Muñoz has been working at The Mellow SF at 3236 21st St. at the corner of San Carlos since January, 2021. He first came to the store as a customer with his girlfriend last August. “This was basically the first plant nursery that my girlfriend and I ever went to … after that, I got the plant bug,” he said. 

Later, Muñoz saw a job posting for The Mellow SF; he applied, and got the job.  “I really love plants now!” he said, and being in their midst on a daily basis is better than just a visit.  “It’s always a really good vibe, and everyone’s super happy.”  

Plants help the customer’s moods as well. “It’s kinda hard to be mad when you’re shopping for plants,” he said.  During the pandemic, bigger plants became the most popular item, he said, “they want to buy a big tree or big statement for their homes.” 

The Mellow SF | Mission Location | 3236 21st St. Image by Michaela F. Nava.

Muñoz manages the Mission location but occasionally helps out at the one on 1401 Haight St., which opened on May 1, 2021. 

Otherwise, as a hobby, Muñoz and his girlfriend share an Instagram account showing all their plants. They have over 100 in their apartment. 

Image by Oscar Muñoz and his girlfriend, Wei-San. Instagram: @smollroomplonts.

Muñoz’s favorite is the  Ficus Audrey. “It looks more different from when it’s a baby to when it’s becoming mature. And the colors change as it grows; it’s really pretty!” But, he has his challenges when taking care of plants like the Alocasia. “They need constant checkups, it needs a humid environment, and it has a very off water schedule.”

Does Muñoz plan to stay at The Mellows SF for long? “Oh, yeah!” he said, without hesitation. 

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