Liam Skye reflects on his week from a Mission Street doorstep.

Liam Skye sits on a Mission Street doorstep, smoking a cigarette and bending over a sketchbook while he waits for his new girlfriend, who is shopping nearby. He had a busy week, and is excited to talk about it. 

“Well, it’s the first day of Pride. I spent the weekend with a new girlfriend of mine — we painted a mural in my room, and I was going to a show, and just, like, had a lovely night. Last night I was introducing her to all my new housemates and new friends and everything.” 

“She’s from the East Bay and, like, San Ramon area, living with her parents and stuff. And I’m an artist, I live down here at 20Mission, and we throw a lot of these cool parties. I did a crime-based party and made a mural called Crime Pays, and during that it was actually her birthday. And that’s where we met.” 

20Mission is a 41-room collaborative co-living space with artists and tech workers. 

“And then, on the next party, which was, like, an NFT [non-fungible token] party, I invited her back and we had like a great time and like, you know, started to hang out one-on-one. That was, like, Tuesday.” 

“And then things just, like, moved super fast and we got into a lovely little, like, relationship. This is actually her right here … Hey, Megan.” 

Sporting bright red heart-shaped sunglasses, Megan shows off an assortment of sparkly masks she’s just purchased before the two hurry off to celebrate the start of Pride month.

Liam and his new girlfriend, Megan on the first day of Pride month. Photo by Eleni Balakrishnan.
Part of Fleurs d’Amor, a mural painted in Liam Skye’s bedroom.
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