Sign at Delirium
Photo by Angel Mayorga

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  1. Ha, ha! Good advice. ☺
    Used to wander in from time to time, about a couple of zillion years ago, when it was the Albion. If I wasn’t hopping bars, I always tried to sit at the northern end of the bar, on the “shorties,” so I could see the entrance as well as the rest of the main part of the bar – old gunslinger’s habit, I s’pose. If it was busy and crowded (and it often was, depending on time of day or night), I’d just have a quick one, tip the bartender, and split. Those ‘tenders are long gone, plus the name change helped usher in a newer scene. Last time I was in there was a few years ago when I was waiting for my eye doc’s office to open up the street. Buddy of mine was tending, so I had a coke – his treat. Left him a beer/whiskey tip anyway because.

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