trees on 24th Street
The new maple trees, ready to plant. Photo by Michael Johnson 05/05/21

S.F. Public Works arborists are planting new trees along 24th Street replacing the culled ficus trees. The new maple trees will grow tall and leafy, and turn red in the fall.

Digging the holes on 24th Street for the new maple trees on 24th Street. Photo by Michael Johnson 05/05/21.
Delivering the tree to the right spot. Photo by Michael Johnson 05/05/21.
Planting. Photo by Michael Johnson 05/05/21
Patting the newly planted maple tree down on 24th Street. Photo by Michael Johnson 05/05/21.
Offering protection to the new tree on 24th Street. Photo by Michael Johnson 05/05/21.
Water and food for 24th Street maples. Photo by Michael Johnson 05/05/21.
The maple tree is in the ground and now on to the next one. Photo by Michael Johnson 05/05/21.

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  1. Wait till the fall when these trees start dropping leaves, it’s gonna be a mess.

  2. Trust me you did not miss much. The city is using the budget they have left to take the trees out, but, they claim they cna’t afford to replant and maintain them. Check with for some details on how they are dealing with the problem.

  3. I must have missed the “Time of Destruction on 24th Street” headline when they ripped out the beautiful old ficus trees for no good reason, against the wishes of most people.

    1. I think that plenty of good reasons were provided (and debated, rigorously), and as much as people’s wishes are nice to listen to, they’re rarely unbiased and generally not objective.

      I, as much as the next person, would have loved to see the trees stay, but the pros outweighed the cons and they’re now being replaced with species better for the street experience, shops (and shop owners) as well as the health of the urban canopy itself.

      Progress takes compromise.

    2. Ficus trees are absolute nightmares for city infrastructure. Their root growth can create real accessibility hazards by upending sidewalks, they can harm underground pipes, and their limbs are notorious for breaking off in high winds. I’m looking forward to seeing the maples grow and bring some beautiful foliage to 24th!