A Mission resident is tested for COVID-19 during a pop up test site at 24th Mission Bart station. NOV 19-24, 2020 Photo by Mike Kai Chen

A series of heavily reported stories spread over the course of months earned Mission Local a semi-final nod in the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Journalism.

The series, “Testing the Limits,” was selected from Mission Local’s dozens of articles on San Francisco’s testing response to the pandemic over the course of eight months; in the end, we culled it down to five submissions.

These articles — and the many others we’ve written — questioned assumptions about the city’s testing strategy or lack thereof, and focused heavily on an inequitable distribution of resources.

While Mission Local wrote, for months, about the need to bring testing and resources into the communities of color in San Francisco that are disproportionately suffering during the pandemic, this message, however intuitive, has only slowly worked its way into official policy.

This national recognition is a testament to the incredible staff of Mission Local — from interns to reporters and editors — we’ve managed to be a pathbreaker in covering city testing and the inequities laid bare by the pandemic.

The recognition is appreciated. The work continues.


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  1. Thank you for your work on this really frustrating situation.
    And congratulations on the well deserved recognition.
    The staff has professionally and politely (maybe too politely) pushed this rock along for quite some time.

    Not to keep harping on it – but – does our supervisor not read Mission Local?
    “slowly worked its way into official policy”
    Is our supervisor not responsible for pushing “official policy”?
    Her name was pretty much absent from your stories covering the inequitable distribution of resources.
    Can we hold no one accountable?
    And yeah … the message was intuitive more than half a year ago.
    The whole thing is/was stupid. It’s not like there is a wall around The Mission. The disproportionately adverse impacts felt by our neighborhood seriously affected the health and safety of the entire city. Duh.

  2. Mission Local has done a terrific job during pandemic from testing to quarantining to vaccine coverage, tracker was vital . Thanks much to ML

  3. Great reporting and writing. Well deserved recognition. Congratulations Mission Local!!!

    Also, if I followed the article correctly- Lydia Chavez wrote the article being recognized. Congratulations again!

  4. This praise and recognition is so, so well deserved! I recommend Mission Local to everyone, and your pandemic coverage has been phenomenal. Congratulations!

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