Cameron Collier
Cameron Collier. Photo by Juan Carlos Lara.

Cameron Collier is a 20-year-old man who works at Xanath Ice Cream on Valencia Street, near 20th Street, and has lived in the same Fillmore home his entire life. 

“I’ve never seen anything else but SF my whole life,” Collier said, “the internet and music have been my outlets to experiencing other parts of the world, for now.” 

Collier first began working at Xanath in early 2019 when a friend, another employee who has since left, told him about the job. 

Collier said his favorite flavor at Xanath is cookies and cream, which he admitted is “basic.” He gives honorable mentions to Xanath’s saffron and saffron-ginger flavors. 

“You’re not gonna find this in a lot of different ice cream shops,” Collier said that all the flavors are pretty good. “You’re not really gonna go wrong with any flavor.” 

During the pandemic, Collier works nearly all of his shifts alone. 

“I like that I can manage my own time, there’s nobody looking over your shoulder. … I will say I miss working with teams, being with other people,” Collier said. 

The recent cold weather and rain means he hasn’t seen many customers, either. On colder days, often only five people come in during his three-hour shifts, which he works six days a week. 

He’s “looking for something to get more hours in.” 

Collier’s interest is shoes — he’s wearing black Nike Air Max 97 shoes — and would like to sell shoes in a store, or find and resell expensive shoes.

“I just like the way they look, how they feel. … I’m a huge Jordan and Nike guy,” said Collier, who owns 19 different pairs. His favorite shoe is the classic Nike Air Force 1. 

So far his search for a new job has been slow. “No one’s really hiring, my applications are all getting turned away,” he said.  

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