Illustration by Lily Larsen

These graphic memoirs are part of Report Card, a Mission Local project supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the Wallace House, where editor and reporter Sindya Bhanoo is a Knight-Wallace Reporting Fellow. The project utilizes illustration and audio to highlight the unseen hurdles that students in underserved communities are facing this year.

Lily is a high school student at City Arts and Tech High School in San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood.

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  1. Lily this is so beautiful and relatable. I hope you see a lot of love for yourself next time you look in the mirror; you can be very proud of this work!

  2. Lily, thank you for sharing this. As a teacher at a public SF high school, I think of all my students as I read your words. This year is full of what you describe so well: admirable effort and such a lack of connection.

  3. Lily! I am so proud of your hybrid storytelling. One day this will be a primary source in a history textbook, studying how teenagers experienced the COVID-19 pandemic. I am so glad you have spent this challenging time being creative. Make more art and tell more stories please.

  4. Lily!! You are a rockstar. Thank you for sharing your experience–your vulnerability to share your hopes and the challenges of distance learning are very comforting. They remind us we are not alone! Your thoughtful illustrations complement your thoughts beautifully. Ms. M.

  5. This is so powerful. Your art and your reflections are beautiful and I feel more connected to my own students for having seen them. Thank you, Lily, for sharing!

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