Mimi Chakaorva, our multimedia editor and the editor of Still I Rise Films, and Stefania Rousselle, a reporter, spent time at the U.S./Mexico border last year as U.S. immigration agents were taking children from their migrant parents. Some of these women are domestic workers who know firsthand what it’s like to be exploited and mistreated. Many are undocumented and continually face the threat of deportation and being separated from their children. While living in a perpetual state of uncertainty, these domestic workers and activists continue to help others like them by refusing to stay silent and invisible. This is the story of two such women.

Lola Noguer did the illustrations and Andrea Valencia the translations. All are women who have worked for Mission Local. Luckily, for us, they still do.

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MULTIMEDIA ADVSIOR. I’m a documentary filmmaker who taught with Lydia at Mission Local when it was a Berkeley Project. Now, I’m called in to advise on projects and delight in doing so. Otherwise, I’m making films. My last was The Price of Sex. Others include Men: A Love Story and In the Red. My current project is Still I Rise.

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  1. My grandparents came from Mexico to and my parents were born in Texas you know you need to do things the right way not come in and thinking the government that I’ll be helping you all the time a lot of people use Social Security crooked a lot of people use different benefits from the government crooked and that’s not right if you going to come to this country you need to do it the right way get the proper paperwork and be a United States citizen

  2. I hope this is seen widely.

    More than that, I hope we can soon evict the evil creature and his henchmen from the White House. I do not pray, but I sincerely hope that one of President Biden’s first moves will be to free all the immigrant children currently detained in concentration camps, and to provide them with services to address the devastating trauma our country has inflicted upon them.

    1. Stop talking bad about our president.
      He is doing a great job.
      Tell these people to follow our laws and get in line .Do the things outhers do to come here legally.Stop jumping line to put yourselves ahead of people who are waiting in line.
      I have no respect for you if you break our laws to come here.What are you teaching your children!You have the problem not our president! He has taken an oath to uphold our laws.
      You are breaking them.