Schyneida Williams tells the rally about how some minority patients feel uncomfortable with sheriff deputy presence. Photo by Annika Hom.

A mob of nurses and doctors still dressed in their scrubs gathered in front of the Potrero Ave. entrance of San Francisco General Hospital today to demand city healthcare clinics and hospitals boot the sheriff’s deputies who secure the premises. 

The organizing coalition of healthcare workers, community members, and activists dubbed DPH Must Divest called on city and public health leaders to drop the professional relationship between San Francisco  General and the sheriff’s department. The sheriffs, some nurses said, make patients — specifically patients of color — feel unsafe. 

The protest came on the heels of a letter that Director of Public Health Dr. Grant Colfax sent last month which promised to re-evaluate the deputies’ presence after finding Black patients faced a disproportionate amount of use-of-force in emergency rooms last year.

Colfax’s letter said that of 111 emergency room use-of-force incidents, 70 percent of them were directed at Black patients, who accounted for only 24 percent of ER visitors.  

“If we see racism in security responses, we need to denounce that,” said Daniel Madrigal, an environmental public health worker, who slipped out on his lunch break to support the rally. 


Schyneida Williams, the engagement coordinator for the UCSF Black Women’s Health and Livelihood Initiative, attested to perceived racism aimed at patients of color in her speech today. 

“For so many years I’ve heard of experiences of intimidation from people who come to this hospital to get care and particularly being met with sheriffs,” Williams said. “I think there are alternatives.”

Schyneida Williams tells the rally about how some minority patients feel uncomfortable with sheriff deputy presence. Photo by Annika Hom.

Dr. Maisha Davis, a Black physician who works at a clinic in the Fillmore, agreed and said the George Floyd protests reignited fears among their elderly Black patients. The police killing of Floyd in late May eventually prompted Davis to write a petition on June 7 that asked Colfax and other city leaders to remove deputies.

Dr. Maisha Davis addresses the crowd. Photo by Annika Hom.

Davis’s letter was bolstered by another petition and letter penned by Black midwife Asmara Gebre, who decided to go on strike on July 8 in response to “racist” interactions between deputies and patients. Together, their petitions have gathered more than 1,500 signatures. 

The day Gebre went on strike, she said, she saw six deputies engage inappropriately with a Black patient. 

“I am not contracted by the Sheriff’s Department,” Gebre said. “I am sick of this f*cking racism.”

But DPH Must Divest also understands that hundreds of their colleagues oppose eliminating deputies. Nurses cited their own safety concerns and created a dueling petition that amassed more than 4,000 signatures. Other nurses at the General alluded to incidents where deputies intervened when patients in the psychological ward or emergency department endangered staff, and some nurses threatened to strike if deputies were removed.

Davis understands this. The goal is to make sure everyone feels safe, Davis said. DPH Must Divest argues that this can be done without police figures. While there isn’t a solidified plan for this, Davis said funding could be increased to entities like the existing Behavioral Emergency Response Team, which is supposed to defuse medical situations regarding mental health. 

“There’s a reductionist way people look at our movement in terms of divesting. It’s not that we want to take away, it’s that we want everyone to feel safe,” Davis told Mission Local. 

De-escalation tactics and training have been suggested for staff to negate the need of deputies, but with a persistent lack of funding, many nurses said these already mandated training have consistently fallen through. 

This was echoed by critics, many of whom reacted fearfully to Colfax’s July letter.

“I feel afraid for my life. I feel so upset [by the letter],” said Christa Duran, a registered nurse in the emergency department at San Francisco General.

Read our coverage on how nurses received a letter from Dr. Grant Colfax addressing use-of-force incidents against Black patients. 

Yet minority patients are also afraid. Jose Gongora Pat, the brother of 2016 police shooting victim Luis Gongora Pat, told Mission Local that when he visited San Francisco General to treat a sprained ankle a week after his brother’s death, he was met with frustrated and angered deputies. 

“Instead of having a police force that approaches us as if we’re bad people when we arrive, we need doctors and social workers to respond,” Gongora Pat said.

The rally ended with a nurse reminding the dispersing crowd that they should call in on Monday to the city’s Budget and Appropriations Committee to continue the push to divest from the police budget. 

“Divesting is vital. It’s well past time that DPH has done this,” they called to the crowd. 

A group of nurses at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital listen to the speakers. Photo by Annika Hom.
Nurses in support of removing the sheriff bring handmade signs. Photo by Annika Hom.
Doctors, nurses and community members gather in support of removing sheriff deputies. Photo by Annika Hom.
A nurse at the rally holds up a sign. Photo by Annika Hom.

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REPORTER. Annika Hom is our inequality reporter through our partnership with Report for America. Annika was born and raised in the Bay Area. She previously interned at SF Weekly and the Boston Globe where she focused on local news and immigration. She is a proud Chinese and Filipina American. She has a twin brother that (contrary to soap opera tropes) is not evil.

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  1. These nurses do not represent the vast majority of the ER staff. We promise you a mass walkout if the removal of the deputies proceeds. No job is worth being maimed and possibly killed. And when we walk out, this handful of protesters can step into the ensuing chaos to do our jobs. Then we will see if they still think the deputies should have been removed.

  2. I would LOVE to see these people who want our only reliable form of security be removed and come spend a few hours in our ER! Patients are constantly trying to assault us whether from psych, drugs and alcohol or traumatic brain injuries. More than 4200 people signed the petition to keep the sheriff deputies.
    And to comment on the “70 percent of them were directed at Black patients, who accounted for only 24 percent of ER visitors” : what is not being said is that some of our “frequent flyers” who come EVERYDAY are black and EVERYDAY the sheriff have to assist at discharge because they refuse to leave and become violent. I bet if the removed the daily frequent abusers that number would be significantly lower!
    I can go on for days with reasons the deputies are needed.

  3. Cadence,

    People make poor decisions.

    Sometimes it gets them killed instantly.

    Sometimes it takes decades.

    My solution is to halve the world population twice over next 40 years.

    By giving 5 or 10 grand to everyone who will get sterilized.

    Now, go nuts with the genocide thing.

    Go Niners!


  4. How did things get so out of control? What’s the root of the problem? Dealing only with the symptom seems exhausting and seemingly ineffective.

    1. Cadence,

      People make poor decisions.

      Sometimes it gets them killed instantly.

      Sometimes it takes decades.

      My solution is to halve the world population twice over next 40 years.

      By giving 5 or 10 grand to everyone who will get sterilized.

      Now, go nuts with the genocide thing.

      Go Niners!


  5. I question the author’s word usage in the opening sentence. “A mob of…” I don’t think the photos showed a mob. A mob is defined as:

    a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence. As in,
    “a mob of protesters”

    Perhaps a group of protesters would have been better. I know it is just a word. To me in journalism words mean everything.

  6. “Dog pile”?

    Yeah, I’ve been part of those and described one in an earlier post on this thread.

    If someone is insane on either either some crazy drug like pcp they make an all pro football player look like a wimp in terms of strength.

    It literally takes 6 strong people to pin em down and inject em.

    You prefer a ‘Rent-a-Cop’ whose not even allowed to touch em?

    Avalos in D-11!!


  7. Hey Patrick,

    I’m guessing what’s going down is that a longtime security vendor
    paying off politicians for decades has been pushing behind the scenes
    (with whatever bribes) to Breed and her cohorts to land the contract
    for security at SFGH.

    And, damned be the safety of the staff and patients.

    Someone, what’s name of that Security Company?

    Go Giants!


      1. Obliteron,

        Naw, something like that tho.

        Probably changed by now.

        If I weren’t so lazy I’d dig for the pic of the hallway w/the pols pics.

        Will bet you a dollar it is the same company lobbying the Mayor here.

        Same people, anyway.

        Go Giants!


  8. Removing the Sheriff’s from SFGH will only hurt those who work there and the community they serve. Let’s remember it is a county hospital/trauma center. The sick and injured need to feel safe as well. Start a positive conversation to gain understanding and positive change before removing anyone.. #solutions

  9. First off, there are no ED nurses in those pictures, there are a crap ton of labor and delivery staff though, and the doctor is the white coat is just there for residency, i guarantee he is feeling pressure from peers to support this movement but really doesn’t care either way. Some of the people supporting this are literally just visiting for training and leaving. The doctors here are the least hands on staff in the entire hospital, they don’t frequently suffer the assaults the hands on staff do but i’m sure if they did they would be speaking against removing the sheriffs. The worst thing about San Francisco General Hospital is people pretending to be woke.

  10. Overwhelming support for Sheriffs to remain to handle the small minority of miscreants that can be disruptive.

    To this reporter and the folks pushing the cops are bad I’d suggest you take a step back and ask yourself whom you would call when trouble hits your front porch? There can be a few bad apples in the barrel but to throw the baby out with the bath water is too extreme. Let’s continue the reforms and training efforts and improve.

    Be safe.

    1. Sam,

      It puzzles me that London would appoint Miyamoto, edorse him for election …

      then, listening to the idea of supplanting deputies with Rent-A-Cops ???

      If ever there was a place you need someone licensed to keep the piece in very
      close quarters, you couldn’t beat the SF’s Sheriff’s Department.

      Did you know that their Sheriff carried the head of the Chinese Dragon in the
      Annual Chinese New Year’s Parade trailed by students from his martial arts classes?

      Did you know that for years he was the lead man in when there was a riot?

      Those are pretty good credentials.

      Go Giants!


  11. I very much share your views. It is very chaotic in the ER of General Hospitals if there are no policemen to counter the behavior of unruly patients. It cuts across the races, there is no exception, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. The EMTALA law prevents you from rejecting patients with a medical emergency.

  12. Anyone who has spent any time in an urban ER knows what a scary place it is. I’ve only had to sit in one a handful of times, but every time, there have been violent, angry people creating disruption or violence. Don’t even comment on this article unless you’ve sat in such a place for 5 or more hours. I’ve seen the DC police have to subdue many people. I’ve witnessed them being calm and patient with atrocious behavior.
    Amazing, the people who continue to care for people in such environments. Listen to them, not the media that so desperately wants to continue to fuel the hate in our nation.

    1. Let the officers leave. Then when some nut comes in and shoots up a hospital, they can call in the Touchy Feely Response Team to ask the shooter about his feelings.

  13. People forget the SFGH had their own Police Services before, then got rid of them because it cost to much money. , So the Sheriff Department took over no one complain about that when it happen. So when the staff complain about there homeless and drug user sleeping in the waiting room, don’t call law enforcement to remove them..

    Remember that homelessness and drug use is not a law enforcement issues according to the politicians in San Francisco.

    1. John,

      I’m a bad researcher.

      Can you give me a link to when SFGH had their own security force?

      Personally, I like the Sheriff and his force.

      Paul and his guys earn their bones charging into cell blocks full of rioting prisoners.

      SFGH is cake after that.

      The idea of handing security to a rent-a-cop who isn’t even allowed to touch the patients if attacked?

      You’re gonna need clowns and balloons to distract me away from how dumb that is.

      Go Giants!


  14. “Colfax’s letter said that of 111 emergency room use-of-force incidents, 70 percent of them were directed at Black patients, who accounted for only 24 percent of ER visitors. ”

    Yes but what percentage of the incidents were caused by blacks? Without knowing that, your statistic is meaningless.

  15. Seems opinions are all over the place, you are entitled to it. But as you’re expressing the issues of police in the hospital, I am an ED Nurse and protection of staff and patients is paramount and in some instances, physical response is the only way to maintain safety for all. Most small facilities can’t afford security, I have worked at many and the time between calling for assistance during an altercation and the response time it takes puts workers in harm’s way. I don’t know bout you but getting ass kicked by a drunk and disorderly person is never on my list of things to do.

  16. The Sheriff should be granted complete immunity to shoot all sick people right in the face. Vote Trump, you MAGAtwats.

  17. There are a handful of clueless persons that wish to endanger the staff at SF General , the Police Need To Stay !

  18. If cops are tired of being the bad guys, stop killing ppl, stand up and call out those who are wrong, and stop protecting bad cops. Until then, you will always be the bad guys.

  19. Frankly it’s completely insane that officers are assigned to hospitals in the first place.
    This country is great at diluting itself with the most backward logic we can pull out of our collective rear ends.

    It’s insane that no one is having the discussion of why the hell are Law enforcement is involved in healthcare, oh right because we have the worst healthcare system in the developed world and we can’t be bothered to address the underlying issues.

    Officers should NEVER be involved with mentally unstable patients, in any other place the doctors, nursers and orderlies would be absolutely ashamed that they gave up on trying to help a patient and instead made things worse for everyone involved.

    Just pathetic, medical professionals in this country are the biggest babies on the planet, overpaid, corrupt, greedy selfish spoiled hacks.

    1. Amen!! I’ve worked at SFGH (I refuse to call it “Zuckerberg”!) for many years, also been a patient there for several years, on and off over the past 30 years in SF. I’ve seen Sheriff’s deputies beat people relentlessly in the name of so called “restraining” them. Disgusting cowardice, 5 on 1 dog pile type of actions that I’ve seen truly made the sheriff’s look like the criminals. For shame. See, if a patient is being rude, party of being professional, and doing the job that YOU SIGNED UP FOR is to Not React on feelings!! Instead, let Any person-especially a person of color-at SFGH for services say anything rude, or have allowed mental status v(maybe from drugs… Or dementia… Or post seizure, or having diabetic complications, or a rare drug reaction, or a decompensating of their mental health status for one of a Long list of potential trains l reasons that ARE NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, yet people will make assumptions, moral/ethical judgements, and the sheriff’s will routinely make a judgement and take anything on the judgement, and PUNISH the victim while they’ve decided to scapegoat because of their bad day, or because the cop’s fragile, low self esteem was hurt. Lol. It’s ridiculous how obviously damaged, infantile/immature, unprofessional, violent, impulsive, short sighted and dimwitted many of these deputy sheriffs are. This is evidenced by the regular use of force occurrences that, guaranteed, could be-at the very least-massively reduced-if these coupons had some decent skills (beyond the”take down” type of skills…). Quality training, psychological testing and stringent disqualification guidelines associated with multiple”Flags” that most clinicians would agree are character/psych areas of opportunity for improved mental health and stability that are serious enough to consider this person being banned from working in crisis/fragile/delicate/volatile situations in a full time employment role as that would be setting them up for a problem.
      lastly, isn’t anyone even a little bit disturbed that the sheriff’s are the vast majority of the top 20 highest overtime guzzlers in the entire city system? At least one cop at General cleared over a 1/2 million dollars, most of it in overtime-so much so that there are questions around the integrity of the system for recording the sheriff’s hours work which is translated to payroll… This is beyond a wee bit of abuse. This is egregious gluttony, a disgusting and shocking abuseof taxpayer dollars. How sad it is that these guys are the ones calling sick patients, “the worst of the worst!”it’s this kind of buffoonery, this pure ignorance, along with spewing overdramatized hyperbole to justify poor attitudes, abuse of power, (and maybe abuse of the time clock…?), And glaring racism. A Lack of adequate training and / or skills to do a quality job, using diplomacy first, violence as an extreme last resort, this should be standard operating procedure and it is absolutely not in this writer’s opinion.
      Divest. SFGH is better than this. Let’s do better.

  20. Nope. Tell the deputies to go home. Then when it all hits the fan over there and they call 911 for help they can wait in line like everyone else.

  21. It says in the article: 1500 signed the petition to remove, 4000 signed the petition to retain.

  22. As a ER/Trauma RN in the busiest ER/Trauma Center in South Central Los Angeles, we NEED the Sheriffs at the hospital! I was ATTACKED by a drunk patient and had my back broken. 7 spinal fusions later, I STILL suffer from PTSD and pain!!! LUDACRIS To TRY to remove the Sheriffs! I hope NONE of you Dr’s or RN’s suffer my fate!!!!

    1. They don’t understand. I have seen a lot happen in this hospital particularly the ER and you are right patients can be combative and dangerous when they are mentally unstable or just out of it. Such an ignorant and radical suggestion to make. No one seems to understand and this is based on what I have seen Doctors and nurses getting assaulted or even threatened and none of these nurses could handle these patients alone, the sheriffs were there in case the nurses were in danger. I am sorry you had to go through that. My God even if you shared your own experience some of these people will go with what politics and what the media are displaying in front of them without ever analyzing it for truth. The truth is they need to remain in the general hospitals.

  23. I doubt that any of these people advocating to remove the police have ever been a patient in the emergency room at SF General. I have been as the result of a serious car accident 20 years ago. In the room also were a stabbing victim, gunshot victim, a man whose eye was hanging out of its socket as the result of a robbery and a very deranged drug addled large woman who got out her bed and tried to pull tubes out of patients veins, assault them and assault the ER nurses trying to save the lives of the patients in the ER!!! Thank god for the policeman who grabbed and subdued her and restrained her to her bed!!! Come on folks, wake up! Do you really think a “social worker” could have handled this and any of the many violent, life threatening incidents that put patients AND medical staff at risk???? No way-the ER needs to have the police there to protect them!

    1. Chritine,

      Back in the day I taught at various levels of facilities housing ‘Severely Emotionally Disturbed’ Middle Schoolers.

      One place near Gurneville in the Redwoods had students who required medication.

      It took 6 strong people to hold each extremity and one to administer the shot.

      Then, we put them in a rubber room while they decompressed as it were.

      These are not jobs for Rent-a-Cop.


  24. Great article– thanks for your reporting. As for the comments, it’s appalling to call SFGH patients “the worst of the worst” as if sick people seeking care are enemy combatants who need to be met with overwhelming firepower,. Meanwhile, the amount of money the City spends on overtime for the Sheriff’s Deputies is staggering– some make over $500,000 a year with overtime, even as the General and clinics are short of staff and PPE. We need to hire more nurses who want to actually take care of patients, give them the resources they need, and stop spending money on guys with guns.

  25. When BART checked every rider for fares they found over half of evaders were black, though black riders only make up 10% of riders. This was immediately called “racist”. What is really was, is exposure of the fact that black folks don’t think they should pay for their fare. Maybe black folks are creating the majority of these alterations plain and simple.

    1. I would like to know what’s the average ( last 10 years ) per year that the law enforcement at SFGH was called into do what they do , keep the law and order when some jerk comes in , and I’m sure it happens more times than they want to admit
      Who they will call when it happen again ?

  26. Typical, racist, slanted article. How many SFG EMPLOYEES signed each petition? You focus on a weak petition started by outside whiners and refuse to quantify or qualify its supporters. Pathetic.

  27. 4000 to 1500? Sounds like workers at General are speaking, and the appreciate the deputies. Where’s the article about the workers supporting the deputies?

    1. Yes!! I think an article on those that want the deputies would be appropriate. We need to see unbiased articles reporting the good that police & sheriff do!

  28. You only speaks about the negative about the the sheriff dept. what about the positive? The good things they have done doesn’t get noticed but only the bad ones?

    Doesn’t the inmates get sent to San Francisco General hospital when they need medical attention? If i worked there i would want an authority to be present when the inmates (murderers, rapists or child molesters) arrived. Nurses and doctors are trained to treat people. Now they need to learn how to defend themselves if they get attack by criminals
    or even citizens?

    People say they feel unsafe when the sheriff dept is there. I wonder if they feel safer when they know there’s a murders being treated the room next to them.

    Good luck to the nurses and the doctors that want the sheriff dept gone. Definitely a social worker, a “trained” behavioral emergency response team can make people safer.

    1. This is really aggressive and offensive towards sheriffs who are just doing their jobs. What if someone tried to get you fired because they didn’t agree with your politics?

      Also, why are we forsaking the safety of 85% of the public for the perceived emotional safety of 15%? The “cute” is focused entirely around one interest group, and is worse than the sympom here. This is not an answer that works for all of society.

    2. Kim,

      These deputies are heroes and heroines

      They rotate from the Hell that the SF Jails can be …

      To the ‘No Picnic’ hospital duty …

      To standing off thousands of protestors at City Hall?

      Watch them at Demonstrations.

      They coordinate and hold their sectors in tight spaces cause they’ve
      been doing it in the jails for a hundred years.

      Only way the leave SFGH would be that Breed got a big bribe.

      That last comment, is just a guess.

      No offense meant unless it’s true.

      Go Giants!


  29. Do not forget there are a lot of Deputies of color who work at sfgh. The assaults on staff will continue to escalate, and you will responsible for your own safety. Oh that’s right, you don’t care about your staffs safety just the customers safety… if seen your deflection techniques. Very cute. Tell your staff to up their Aflac insurance to include on the job injury.

  30. Obviously there is a concern that sounds legitimate, but the counter concern with 4 THOUSAND signatures should probably be higher up in the article, and maybe included in the headline.

    1. It seems like the people opposed to this outnumber the people in favor of it. And the margin is relatively significant, so I think this issue should just be put aside for the moment. Obviously the current climate is contributing to this and I think it’s important to take a step back and look at the issue objectively. Furthermore, I’ve noticed that many healthcare workers have written comments and almost all of them oppose the removal of the deputies. If someone was making changes at my workplace, I would hope that they would consider my opinions and those of my colleagues too. So, I’m gonna listen to the people that actually know what’s going down; frankly, I have no idea.

  31. I was an R.N. at PES 6 years ago. We never had problems with the deputies. I can remember several times when they intervened with patients that we couldn’t help due to aggressiveness. They handled the situation calmly and helped us give care the patients needed.

  32. I’ve observed Sheriff’s deputies intimidate San Franciscans on DPH clinic sites. I believe this is an important conversation that needs to happen.

    1. Defund SGH. Racist, fascist police/sheriff have no business in this institution. Let them stick to runing the courts and jails. And who cares if money is part of the argument. Have you seen how much overtime these sherrifs are making? 100-200k on top of their hefty salaries. Why not make that an issue too?

      1. What you are saying is just unrealistic. This is general hospital and they need the sheriffs. I cannot even tell you how many times I saw mentally unstable or recreational drug users start swinging at the nurses, sometime the nurses are not able to get these people to calm down and it can be dangerous for them. Not all cops are bad. One bad cop is not the face of all cops. I know from my own experience and I am an African American woman saying this. I have lived in public housing and you would think that we as black and brown would treat each other right, I have seen fights, violence, mentally unstable people threatening social workers and so forth, and its not a racism issue, there is no racism involved if none of us can live in harmony and because of this we need a third party system to make sure everyone else is safe. You cannot defund cops or people that have come in every time one of our own wants to be violent and uncivilized. I have seen so much and experienced so much violence from Black and Hispanic men and women in my community that it hurts me. The cops come in when we cannot treat each other right. The worst projects and housing developments throughout the world go through this impending cycle all the time. There is no going around this and claiming that it isn’t true when in fact it is. Always there is that common excuse , “We did not have the best schools”, my father wasn’t around” etc, but I have travelled to third world countries and in few places people there barely have anything not even shoes or clean drinking water and no one is killing or murdering each other. The nurses go through a lot in this hospital especially in the ER for patients on narcotics, it can get violent in these units. My children’s father was in that unit, he was lying and I knew he was on some kind of drug, his BP was through the roof 230. I had to drag him in to get help because of the other health problems he had. He was so violent and started swinging at nurses and staff, even me. The sheriffs had to literally help me get him into the room, if he never got into the room asap and been given treatment he would have been in a coma. Thankfully he has learned his lesson, but without the sheriffs help the nurses and I would have had a very difficult time to get him immediate help. This is upsetting, I mean people still cannot treat each other civilized and you want to defund the cops, as long as people cannot treat each other right we are going to need them.

        1. Ralana,

          There is a hallway leading to the executive offices of a security
          company in the Bay Area.

          Never been there.

          Rumor only.

          Heard they have a signed pic of every major politician in the Bay
          Area and beyond for last 40 years.

          Betcha Breed has them lined up for this work.

          Anyone remember name of company?

          I’m getting old.

          Go Niners!


      2. Joe, At least they worked for the money. They didn’t robbed the store/bank or selling drugs. Seem like the only issue you have is how much money they made.. You can make 100k-200k too if you work hard. if you think the law enforcement is “racist” you should apply and make a difference. Calling them racist isn’t going to solve your problems. Challenges yourself to be better & positive

  33. Campers,

    Note that neither of the people who started the petitions works at SFGH.

    “Did you see me on TV?!?”

    That’s their goal.

    Breed was trained by Willie who privatized the laundry at SFGH and Laguna Honda.

    After saying he wouldn’t.

    “Those women remind me of my mother.
    Do you think I’d fire my mother?”

    Then, he fired them.

    It’s all, as another poster noted … about the Benjamins.

    Go Giants!


  34. Everybody who keeps up on San Francisco knows that the overwhelming majority who work there signed a petition to keep the sheriffs on site. The bean counters started the false idea that is presented in this article. They obviously are not gonna let this simply go away without a blitz of media. Dealing the racial card is the tactic employed, and the timing is right for the bean counters. “ It’s all about the money honey”. Private security would be less effective, but way way cheaper. I would sign the petition to keep the sheriffs if worked there.

    1. The Sheriffs need to stay. I don’t not recognize anyone in the pictures. Everyone in the emergency department and out patient levels would agree with 1st ALL lives matter , however we need the sheriffs not top flight security at this hospital. This isn’t Kaiser we deal with the worst of the worse literally the worse. No one would listen to security and they wouldn’t get paid enough to do whats needed at SFGH . Stop wasting time at the hospitals with the nonsense. If you the readers knew what it was like inside you would not want to be protected by security. Peace and blessings to all.

    2. If racism is supposedly the cause then try staffing only black deputies at the hospital. It’s doubtful the end result will be any different.

    3. It sounds like you’re just one of those folks whom are okay with your neighbors being harassed& intimidated due to the color of their skins- if so that is an Unacceptable solution. I a a RN whom started my career 4 years ago in the ER. Yes, I want security as a clinician but Not the racism included— as the more ignorant/ less enlightened neighbors in my world communities- are still okay with. We can have security without the latter. I’m pretty sure the Sheriff’s Dept is not volunteering out of the kindness of their hearts. They are being paid. Simple solution for an outsider looking at this story of spiritually progressive & intelligent mindset is: pay a Security Force willing to do their job right.

      How’s this for a fair and reasonable solution.

      1. Lynne, what is your empirical evidence that racism is the underlying reason that patients need restraining to ensure the safety of others? Myopia reigns in this arena. Perhaps all doctors and nurses should train in jiu-jitsu and themselves subdue the aggressive ones that are causing the unsafe environment? No need for security, but maybe then the doctors and nurses would themselves be accused of racism? Yikes!

    4. That’s seems to be the only thing done these days. Play the race card. No matter the situation, no matter if it will result in negative consequences, all that’ people want to scream is racism. It’s getting old.

      1. Play the race card? I find it curious that this is the “go to” response from people who would rather react than to use critical thinking.

        If you have never experienced systemic racism, microaggressions, etc., you are clueless to how unsafe many Black and Latino people feel around the police. Your lack of empathy tells me exactly who you are.

    5. Your article is extremely bias and the title misinterprets the material. As a nurse we see the most crazy of the crazy. Police are a must. A $10 security guard want make it…this is common sense to me but I have been in the medical field for 16 years and common sense is also very rare now a days.