Jason came to San Francisco from Ohio, where he studied art at Kent State. He started his own business as a personal trainer, but that ended when he was grievously stabbed. The wounds, which he showed me, went from one side of his stomach to the other and affected both arms. After being released from the hospital, Jason stayed with friends, but his recovery took a year and a half, and by that time Jason found himself homeless. When I brought Jason a copy of one of the photographs I had taken of him, Jason made a quick sketch of me.

Jason. Photo by Joseph Johnston.
Jason. Photo by Joseph Johnston.

Joseph Johnston

When I walk out of the house, I only need to walk a block to encounter someone living on the street. Perhaps, in part, because I am a pre-Stonewall gay man, I have always had a special place in my heart...

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    1. Why does he stay in San Francisco after falling on hard financial times? Literally anywhere in the country is more affordable.

  1. I’ve seen Jason around the Mission. He’s always drawing. He seems like a good guy. He sticks to himself. Thanks for shining a light on him.

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