The aftermath of the road accident on Mission. Photo by Loi Ameron

Just after 4 p.m. today a Prius turned onto Mission Street at 23rd Street as a Muni bus heading north was crossing through a green light. The Prius hitting the bus, a pedestrian and two bus passengers.

Two of the victims, a 49-year-old male San Francisco resident and a 34-year-old male San Francisco resident, are in critical condition.

The third victim, a woman, was grazed in the collision.  The female bus passenger was evaluated for a complaint of pain and released at the scene.

In the aftermath, police closed down parts of Mission Street around 4:45 p.m. between 22nd and 23rd streets. At 6:16 p.m. police closed Mission Street to 24th Street.

Some bystanders said the Prius was moving fast. Police said the driver was being tested for alcohol and drugs.

Wendy Flores and her daughter Daniela said they saw a man in a purple car run over one pedestrian.

Police said the incidents began sometime after 4 p.m. when a burgundy-colored Toyota Prius traveling westbound on 23rd Street turned north onto Mission Street.

The driver accelerated and, according to police, made contact with the Muni bus and then struck a pedestrian in the crosswalk before jumping onto the curb and hitting one bus passenger “badly,” police said. The vehicle grazed a third person, a female bus passenger.

The driver of the Prius and his passenger initially fled the scene in the vehicle, but returned five minutes later, according to police.

His female passenger was not detained.

Muni buses have been diverted off of Mission Street.

An injured pedestrian from the bus stopped at 23rd and Mission. Photo by Loi Almeron.
The driver of the Prius is the man walking toward the woman, according to police. Photo by Loi Almeron.
The bus stop where the second pedestrian was hit. Photo by Loi Almeron.
The scene on Mission Street after 4 p.m Photo by Loi Almeron.
Mission Street after Wednesday’s collision. Photo by Loi Almeron.
Photo by Loi Almeron.

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  1. Why is he not hand cuffed? He tried to flee a crime scene and the cops are just letting him walk around? Outrageous

    1. He actually fled the crime scene, he came back cause as u can see the bumper was on the floor so they were gonna get him anyway. Him and the female should have been taken and tested for alcohol and drugs. Who knows Maybe it was her driving and they switched places.

    2. This is an example of privilege. That man could very well have caused several fatalities and it is, gods forbid, not out of realm of possibility. Meanwhile I have heard this very station of police tackling people down for talking back to an officer over mistreatment. This is a visual reminder that police believe some are superior to others in this community. It shows.

  2. Caption: “The driver of the Prius is the gentleman walking toward the woman,, according to police. Photo by Loi Almeron.”

    “Gentleman”??? Please!

    I do thank you for using the term “collision” instead of “accident.” Failure to yield is no accident, much less driving up on a sidewalk.

    1. Fran: You may have a point. Frankly, we were updating this so quickly and still trying to figure out exactly what happened that the caption was the last thing on my mind. I was just trying to find a way to identify him that wasn’t repetitive and would clearly indicate who the driver was. At any rate, I suppose I failed to find the proper identifier. Best, Lydia

  3. I love that he left his bumper behind as ID. I’m not a fan of the mandatory front license plate, but in this “accident” it turned out to be very useful.

  4. Any update on the two with life threatening injuries. I saw it all go down and it was brutal. I’m hoping they pull through. He initially stopped after the first impact and made the decision to drive away via the sidewalk and hitting the second person. SMH.

  5. Any idea what happened to the first victim of 49 year old man he was a friend of mine just wondering if there’s an update on him or what happened to him is he alive or did he survive please let me know and Paul if you’re reading this contact me Aaron says hi if any update about this accident you can call me at 628-240-9965 Kyle

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