Bernal Cutlery has been in the news of late for reasons that no owner wants: a fire and a discombobulation of business smack dab in the middle of the holiday shopping season. That made working on this piece all the more inspiring. We knew the story of Josh Donald and Kelly Kozak, we knew what it had taken to build Bernal Cutlery and we knew the hopes enveloped in their new shop at 766 Valencia St. The fire was all the more painful because of what we knew.

The story of Bernal Cutlery started many years ago in a small kitchen. Josh Donald had recently been laid off. Kelly Kozak was adding up the bills. They didn’t have enough for groceries. Josh was sharpening a knife at the table. Why not offer a sharpening service in the neighborhood to make ends meet?

“The Story of Knives” is an illustrated tale about love, overcoming addiction and the resilience it takes to stay together.