The two women were standing outside of Serrano’s Pizza, both holding Dr. Peppers, shivering slightly from the cold. They were waiting for their pizza. Nancy Camacho and Yaila Pollato are from Las Vegas. Pollato came to visit her friend, Camacho, who recently moved to San Francisco and is slowly adjusting to the one-way streets of the city.

“Vegas doesn’t have any of those.”

When asked if she’s driven the hills of San Francisco, Camacho says, “you literally can’t see over the steering wheel.”

Nonetheless, she wanted a change from the glittery city of Vegas.

Camacho, wearing dark mauve lipstick, smiled as she spoke. She looked excited.

“I think life is too short to just go to the same job and do the same activities. I think sometimes you have to go the total opposite direction and take a different path.”

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