Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Eve Bertrand has been thinking about family as of late.

Bertrand ran away from home three years ago after she came out as trans to her family in Santa Rosa. They did not take it well, Bertrand said, and when things got rough she escaped. She was homeless in San Francisco for a while but was “adopted” by another family that took her in – even though she’s an adult.

“That’s how it is for a lot of folks, though. I don’t let myself get too down about it. I was lucky enough to make it out,” Bertrand said.

She still deals with depression and anxiety, a holdover from her time with her own family, but things are getting better. She’s getting hormones from the various free clinics across the city and she’s feeling more like herself.

“It makes me feel more at peace with my body, more in my body,”

As her bus arrives, Bertrand hastily says goodbye and runs to catch it.

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