demonstrating in support of the Buena Vista Horace Mann principal
Photo by Jennifer Cortez

They want their school principal reinstated, and they want it now. 

That was the message that teachers, parents and students from Buena Vista Horace Mann delivered to the San Francisco Unified School District’s Board of Education on Tuesday evening, as the K-8 community school approaches its second week without its principal, Claudia Delarios Morán, who was placed on administrative leave this month for undisclosed reasons. 

At least 80 people, many holding signs, gathered on the sidewalk outside the school district’s office at 555 Franklin St. to show their support, with drivers honking in encouragement every few minutes. It was the second time that the community organized to rally since last week at 24th Street BART Plaza, where District 9 Supervisor Hillary Ronen called Delarios Morán “one of the strongest, most loving, and most generous leaders” she has met in her lifetime. 

Before speakers made passionate pleas to the school board during public comment, Superintendent Vincent Matthews addressed the standing-room-only crowd — and spillover area in the lobby — to dispel rumors. While he cited an “obligation to uphold confidentiality,” he confirmed that Delarios Morán’s leave has “nothing to do with facilities, political protest, or the Stay Over Program.” 

The school community prides itself on its restorative justice practices for its students, and now, they have called on the school district to apply that same concept as they investigate and review allegations. 

“Let’s not forget all the work that she’s done with her heart for all of our children,” said Maria Nuñez, a parent to a Buena Vista Horace Mann first-grader and president of the School Site Council. 

Nuñez asked the school board to weigh all that Delarios Morán has accomplished against any of her alleged errors. “¿Qué tiene más poder?” she said in Spanish. “What is heavier and more important?” 

Lourdes Alarcon recalled a moment where she immediately received Delarios Morán’s assistance in getting her child the proper special education instruction, supports and services, after failed attempts with other administrators in the past. 

“She bent over backwards for my family,” said Benita, who described a similar situation. “She is family to my family.” Rather than discipline her child who lashed out at school due to transitional issues, Delarios Morán instead sought out the resources that the student needed. 

“She is the glue that keeps us all together and without her, we’re faced with disorder and confusion, which is no way a school should be,” said Maria, an eighth-grade student at Buena Vista Horace Mann. “She’s a seeker for social justice, which is at the very heart and soul of our school.” 

Other students, like sixth grader Itzel Perez, shared that Delarios Morán saluted her every day “with a bright spirit,” while Xavier, an eighth-grader, said she taught him an important lesson: “That there should be no boundaries to human endeavor.”

Jacqui Portillo, manager of the Stay Over Program, the emergency homeless shelter embedded within the dual immersion school, cited the principal “as the person who advocated for many families in the school district to have a place to stay the night.” 

Introduced by Portillo, Baltimore, a young student, said she is “one of the many children” at the shelter. 

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“I really wish Claudia was back because she is a very kind and nice person,” she said, her voice trembling with emotion. “She’s the reason we’re open and she’s here for me and my family.” 

Maria Vega thanked the Buena Vista Horace Mann principal for the speedy process she went through so that she and her five children were able to access the shelter. “If it wasn’t for her, […] where would we have been that night?”  

Not everyone, however, was able to express their support for the principal, as the school board had to move on to the next agenda items. 

Laura Valdéz, executive director of Dolores Street Community Services, the nonprofit provider for the Stay Over Program, shared the statement she had intended to deliver during public comment. 

“Claudia has continued the legacy to lead BVHM as a school built on understanding and collaboration between parents, students, teachers and community,” she said. “We strongly feel that the unfair administrative leave of Claudia is of grave impact on our teaching staff, all the students at our school, and the number of community partner organizations that provide an array of services and programming at the school.” 

Previously, Buena Vista Horace Mann teachers Jael Castro and Linda Oppelt-Perez shared with Mission Local that while the news of Delarios Moran’s leave was jarring and stressful to teaching staff, they will continue the “lucha,” and fight for their principal, who prioritizes her relationships with the community. 

“And that’s why she has overwhelming support,” said Castro. 

Just as the evening began, the Buena Vista Horace Mann community continued chanting in support of their principal as they walked out of the boardroom to the outside of the school district building: they want their principal back, and they want it now. 

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Photo by Jennifer Cortez.

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  1. This bulls$!t investigation has gone on for more than a month. I think it’s time to accept that Claudia is one more Desaparecida in SFUSD. Please note that I will not use the term Desaparecido and I sure as %$^& am not going to say DeaparecidX. Why? Because I’m not going to erase the treatment that women in this endure. Because men don’t just go missing and forced to stay in silence in SFUSD like women do. This is a very sexist school district that silences women who don’t give the men at 555 their narcissistic supply of constant praise and unquestioning fealty.

    I’m no fan of Claudia. She’s a well-intentioned person, but I don’t think she runs the school well and she refuses to impose order. As others have pointed out, the school was that way when Claudia got it from a particular male privilege and incompetent principal who only got respect because of his position. He didn’t earn that position or the respect that comes with it with competence, caring or hard work. He got it by cashing in on his male privilege that he got just for showing up. Claudia did n’t have that luxury.

    I have no problem with SFUSD engaging in legitimate investigations, but If this investigation was legitimate they would have finished it by now.

    This was a clear shot in the air telling every woman in SFUSD that she better walk in line. Those of us that have worked here a while, already know how it’s run.

    1. Lo que causó la disque desaparición de Claudia fue su total incompetencia para ese puestazo, no culpes a la discriminación de génaro por Diós! Parecen disco roto. El director anterior era aún más incompetente y la verdad nadie lo respetaba, sueñas!! Hay que ser honestos y decir las cosas como son! Claudia NO ERA BUENA DIRECTORA y punto. Decir que el distrito la quiso correr por ser mujer insinúa que SI era competente y que la corrieron por nada. Hazmereír!!

      1. Jorge,
        The only broken record is you speaking for women. You can do your laugh all you want but you’re not a woman, and you don’t get to speak for our experiences within SFUSD or otherwise.
        Rather you blame Claudia or the previous principal for all the problems is a matter of perception. We all agree BVHM has issues that need to be addressed, but removing Claudia in the middle of the year was a show of Bravado by a group of men at 555 , and was not about putting our kids first. Can you name one example of when SFUSD has done something like this to a man? Probably not.

        1. @sfvidal Let’s not digress…unless you know FOR A FACT that Claudia was dismissed because she is a woman then you are basically making things up. The “hazmereir” comment means “sure, make me laugh” akin to saying “give me a break”. You either don’t understand the phrase or are intentionally trying to change the subject. The core argument is that Claudia was not an effective principal and was removed. That whole conspiracy theory that the district simply removed her because she is a woman is quite lame. Do you think it’s OK for her to try and cover up a sexual assault on campus? Or to not properly report children getting DRUNK on campus? Those are the facts. I don’t give a crap what the principal’s gender is, I do care that they take sexual assault seriously and would expect even a semi-competent principal to take immediate corrective action when kids are getting DRUNK at school, but sure go ahead and pretend that NONE OF THAT MATTERS and that poor Claudia was dismissed because she is a woman.

          1. Hi Jorge,
            Do you know for sure that she covered up a sexual assault? Was it just her that covered it up or was there a group that did the cover up? Did anyone call the police? Or is this one more instance in which the school board thinks that police shouldn’t ever go into SFUSD? When did these sexual assaults happen? I know that BVHM has been plagued with assault rumors in the past. Is this part of that rumor or is this it’s own event?
            As far as kids getting drunk, can you provide more details and how you even know this is true?
            I can say that I have heard rumors that I’m not sure are true that Claudia and the former principal falsified documents to make it look like there was 50+ families who needed a shelter, so that they could get $60,000 per month from the city, but in reality, these never existed. That alone, should at least be explained to the residence of the city, and they should put forward and explanation, because it’s owed.
            Some of these rumors against her are really mean-spirited, and if they’re true, the police should be involved. If these rumors aren’t true, then I hope she gets a good lawyer, because nobody should be tried in the press.

  2. When Claudia returns I hope she will have reflected on the improvements needed of not letting the loudest rule everything. She needs to put a system in place so that people who aren’t in the loud group feel safe, able to have a voice and be heard.

  3. What nobody is talking about is that Claudia is in her 50s. There is a good chance that Central Office is trying to push her out before ?she fully vests in her retirement at 62. There have been issues at BVHM for years. Why now to investigate? Why target Claudia? The people who put Claudia out of the school are Jason Hannon and Catherine and Catalina Rico. look into both of their track record with how they treat people over 40s and 50s. It might be interesting and there might be some other cases and accusations regarding age and unfair treatment.

  4. Just a few years ago UESF threw their love, money, power and support behind their dear longtime friend and member of their “community”,Leland Yee.

    That was right before Yee pleaded guilty to a felony racketeering count in relation to money laundering, public corruption and bribery in an organized crime case -specifically buying automatic firearms and shoulder-launched missiles from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) with his good buddy Shrimp Boy.

  5. Campers,

    Main problem is that this Superintendent listens to these
    folks and throws his best people under the bus on behalf of
    haters of poor people of color.

    Bet they’re all white.

    Makes me ashamed of my hide.

    Vincent Matthews needs to go.

    I’d write that to Commissioner Sanchez whose political
    career I backed for 20 years but he don’t answer.

    Put the principal back in her office and Mr. Tobar too.

    And, dump Tobar’s character assassain and career killer.

    This is all on the Superintendent.

    He responds to haters and needs to go.

    Go Niners!


  6. If they can’t teach or learn with a different principal, then there’s a larger problem.
    This principal needs to speak up for herself, or her teachers and parents need to stop using the school as a prop for their street theater.

    To the people above saying that this principal doesn’t have unanimous support, that’s easy for an outsider to tell. It’s easy to see this is political stunts and one-sided.

    1. Unfortunately, the main focus of the “school” is not academics….it hasn’t been academics for a LONG TIME. How important is social justice if two thirds of the kids are BELOW the minimum standards in math and reading? Consistently, year after year. Teachers have turned this school into their personal platform for their own socio-political agendas. Just look at how often a substitute “teacher” is in a classroom so a teacher can go run protest after protest. What happens? That school day is lost because let’s face it, the quality of the substitutes in crap. They are nice, don’t get me wrong, but once the kids know it’s a sub– they rejoice because they know nothing will be required of them that day. I have heard the argument that BVHM is such a “high needs” school that it needs all those extra resources in order to meet basic needs, which again is a diversion of the MAIN FOCUS which is ACADEMICS. The school already has a homeless shelter, a food bank, a family liaison, a beacon, a family living room, baby sitting and free dinners whenever there are evening meetings. All that is GREAT, now….can anyone get back to prioritizing TEACHING? The “Little School that Could”? as one teacher said….how about the little school that COULD have top academic scores? How about THE LITTLE SCHOOL THAT COULD teach kids to read? or THE LITTLE SCHOOL THAT HAD TOP MATH SCORES? Not the little school that spends an inordinate amount of time doing things other than TEACHING?

      1. @Lamasfinasdetodas

        All those extra resources that go into the school provide extra union dues for UESF. If they just focused on school, then UESF wouldn’t get all those union dues from the added jobs of social workers. Why do you think the unions are now pushing all over the country for more social workers in schools? More jobs!!! Don’t get me wrong, social workers are a good thing, but it wasn’t until the Janus decision, that allowed people to stop paying union dues, did the unions care about adding more people so they can make up for those that opt out. I suspect Hillary Ronen loves the BVHM Shelter so much, because someone on her staff is on a committee, and UESF support Hillary Ronen with campaign money. I believe this is all about money, not best services. Because best services would be to find better housing for cheaper for those families in need.

      2. When children are well fed, have stable housing childcare and support services they stop acting out and can concentrate. This makes for a calm classroom and an environment where EVERY student can learn. Test scores have gone up since Claudia has been the principal. I would call this well needed infrastructure and now that all these fantastic programs have been put into place we can better concentrate on academics and facilities problems.

        1. @LaMasFina Your argument doesn’t hold water. Claudia has been principal for barely 1 academic school year. Test scores take almost a whole school year to be processed, so please tell me how it’s possible that in this short time frame, you know for a fact that test scores have gone up? You are just making up things as you go. Stagnating or declining test scores are the only documented scores that are available. If you have information indicating otherwise, please drop a link and share….no? Because it’s not true. LIAR! Mentirosa!

          1. Dear Jorge -Thank you for pointing out the obvious fact that there is no way to make a statement that Claudia’s leadership improved test scores.She hasn’t been there that long, there is no evidence this is true and the previous principal was so ineffective that anything was going to look good after him. And let’s not forget the she spend about 3 years enabling him while he drove the school into the ground. I’m so tired of group just making up lies and their disciples spewing it out like they are real true facts. I think it went way past the point of needed investigations. I’m glad the district officials cared enough to disrupt some intimidating patterns of behavior and telling obvious lies that nobody dare question. I believe BVHM will be a more equitable school now that they are overseeing things. Let’s hope the district actually follows up.

  7. This article is so one-sided.

    All this over-the-top reaction to an investigations feels like some people at BVHM are hiding something and trying to create distractions.

    Is the school district not supposed to investigate accusations? Yes, she’s innocent until proven guilty, but let them investigate.

    If this entire school is going to implode when one person is gone, then perhaps BVHM is a house built on sand anyway.

    1. No suit,

      You talk about trying to hide something.

      Go on, deny what you did.


      I know absolutely nothing about this person but using their format I’ve cast negative suspicion upon her.


    2. Just a bunch of pissy moms who were pearl clutchers and hand wringers when the idea of the shelter was fomenting. While the school certainly needs facilities work, that was a convenient mask for them to hide behind rather than admitting they did not want to help out homeless. I overheard a conversation where these same women were actively undermining the last principal selection process by inserting their own candidates to the panel to have Claudia removed as acting principal when Zapien left. I am not entirely sure they didn’t have a hand in Claudia’s recent dismisal (I mean as long as we are bandying about unsubstantiated innuendos I may as well throw that in) but those snakes have always had it in for her. Guess what? The shelter is still there, helping our homeless student population with very little impact on our student’s day to days lives. And now we as a united community have moved on address our facilities problems. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs bitches. Food and shelter first! Working water fountain second.

      1. @LaMasFina

        So, people who disagree with you are subjected to you slapping on a disgustingly sexist narrative.

        Just so we all understand how your loving BVHM community works. Sort of makes me think all the rumors of bulling, mobbing and retaliation on the part of your admin and powercoreteachers might just be true.

      2. Dear LaMasFina,
        United community? Only because you silence, intimidate, shun, attach the character and run out of town anyone who dare disagree with you.
        Nice choice of sexist and abusive language in your post. Shows what those who dare disagree with you have to put up with.

        1. I am flattered that you think I have that much sway or power. No one can do anything to you that you don’t allow. Either you voice your opinion or stop bellyaching in anonymity and rise up boo boo.

          1. Speaking of rising up and voicing! When is Claudia going to profess her innocence? When is she going to speak up and tell us what’s going on? If she’s such an amazing desmadrosa that can stare down the belly of the beast for all of us poor little weaklings, then why can’t she speak up now?
            A loud few are going to keep exploiting every opportunity they get to attempt to make themselves politically relevant outside the school. Meanwhile we don’t even know what this is really about and Claudia hasn’t even claimed her own innocence.

        2. I would also add that it is enlightening to me to see that you are more outraged by my use of language than with the attempted interference of a handful of parents in the selection of our principal or with the presumption of her guilt without due process.

      3. LaMasBocona – Richard Zapien was putting it mildly…inept. He QUIT suddenly about 10 days before the end of the school year. The DISTRICT has a process of selecting a new principal under those circumstances, which includes interviewing candidates and then submitting their recommendations. This is all documented and verifiable.

        Yes, quoting Maslow shows how utterly wordly you must be but the fact that a shelter was put in place is really just a distraction from the same question…WHY was Claudia removed? On one said you claim a group of people objected to the shelter and then you immediately claim that same group had her ousted? So the group has pull or not? Which is it? Or do you flip n flop your argument to fit your needs? Either way, unless this is North Korea people have a right to have different priorities and opinions than yours. Just because you scream the loudest doesn’t mean you are right.

        1. Here is where we agree. Why don’t you ask SFUSD? They have issued a gag order on her and everyone in the administration. She has been put on administrative leave and does not even have the right to defend herself against spurious gossip and speculation. NO ONE, not a single teacher or administrator knows and SFUSD refuses to tell us. If you were a part of our community you would know this. So, why are we throwing our support behind Claudia? Simple. Because we know her. We have worked with her and we trust her. Not to mention that every person deserves the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Basic stuff.

        2. Calling Richard Zapien inept, is one of the softest language choices I’ve seen in a long time. I knew parents who referred to him with a much harsher moniker. We can all agree he was a knob on his best days, but he did the school a favor by leaving. I do believe that Claudia had a lot of his messes to clean up, and she had an uphill battle all the way. I just hope she is getting fair treatment. I do agree that BVHM needs to work on people being able to disagree and still be civil. The school has gotten so divided the past few years, and it’s really hurting. It shouldn’t be about who screams the loudest or has the most power friends. There needs to be more fairness in the processes of deciding things, and more voices need to be heard.Richard Zapien is gone. It’s time to heal, but we have to all want to hear and respect each other.

  8. From the slant of this article it sounds like the principal has unanimous support. However if that is the case, why was she dismissed? Is there a way for the article to outline the reasons for her dismissal (with information either from the school board, or from others in the community)? Or is the school board’s excuse of “confidentiality” going to keep the news media silent on the issue?

    1. @Pat

      I agree that we should know what’s happening, and saying that Claudia has unanimous support is not accurate. There are a few very LOUD and forceful people within the union who always get their way and they are the ones who put on these big over the top shows. If someone did have the courage to report Claudia for something, then these intimidation tactics are going to stop people from reporting in the future.
      Until Claudia actually comes out and tells us what happened, I’m going to let the district do their investigation even if it is a bunch of fools conducting the investigation.

      1. Sheppy,

        You should hear what those ‘LOUD’ union people say about you.


        Again, I have no information but, again, you’re all wondering why the union people are against them.


        1. @sfbulldog

          As far as your comment “You should hear what those LOUD union people say about you”

          I know what they say about me. I’m used to their bullying, and I pay them union dues and still they’re are still hateful, intimidating and mean because I’m not in the cool crowd. I’m part of the quiet majority that gets pushed around by them, and I’m also part of the quiet majority that’s had enough of it, and ready to vote out the current union president who has bullied people into not running up against her and rigged her elections.

          Claudia should speak up for herself if she’s innocent. These tactics of intimidating witnesses shouldn’t be tolerated.

    2. Pat,

      I wonder if there are any pictures of you and Orietta that you don’t know about?


      I don’t even know if these two know each other but see how easy it is to sow discord w/out actual facts?


  9. Dear Mission Local,

    I feel that you are a respected and well-balanced local news source. However, the issue with Claudia Delarios Moran at BVHM isn’t as black and white as the teachers are claiming. Has no one asked themselves these questions:
    (1) Why isn’t the assistant principal Gizela participating in any of the rallies? Wouldn’t she be her # 1 supporter? What does her absence mean?
    (2) There is never a true consensus at that school amongst teachers. What really happens is that a few LOUD union-based teachers guilt-trip the heard. No one questions this? They cannot claim consensus amongst parents either. Claiming so is untrue.
    (3) Why hasn’t Claudia said ANYTHING in her defense? Wouldn’t YOU speak out if indeed you were innocent? Even if she can’t speak out, why hasn’t she attended ANY rallies? Hmmm
    (4) The teachers are claiming the district is trying to get rid of Claudia BECAUSE she is Latina. This is a very serious accusation that is not based on any actual facts. To knowingly spread these lies about it being racially motivated is divisive and
    (5) Why weren’t the teachers and parents protesting when a student was sexually assaulted ON CAMPUS? Why didn’t they protest when the school had asbestos/rats/cockroaches/ceiling panels were literally falling down? Why didn’t they protest when bullying was rampant? Why didn’t they protest when so many other things were lacking that actually affects children’s’ learning? Where was the indignation then? (insert tumbleweeds…)
    (6) The teachers that are leading the protests demand that Claudia be put back on duty NOW and yet NO ONE knows WHY she was put on leave, so how can they blindly support her? How do any of them know that she wasn’t accused of something egregious? Blindly supporting someone accused of SOMETHING sounds a bit cult-ish if you ask me.

    1. Dear Orietta,

      Also, where is Claudia’s union? She has her own union. Why haven’t they come out to support her.

      My guess is that a few powerful in the union want to keep Claudia in BVHM, cause she will let them do whatever they want, and never hold them accountable to actually teach. Also, Claudia’s shelter has provided a lot of union jobs for Susan Solomon and that’s a big incentive to not close the shelter, even though it would be better for the families who are housing insecure to stay in a different place. If they gave them better housing, then Solomon wouldn’t get her union dues from the district social work jobs that were created with the BVHM

      But really Your bravery of speaking up here is so inspiring and really made me feel less alone in my feelings about a loud power group within United Educators aka UESF. I wish I had your courage to speak up.
      As a long time union teacher, I can say that I’m angered that UESF is assuming this principal is innocent, and rushing to her rescue, when they have let teachers be assumed as guilty and done nothing when so many longtime teachers need help.
      You can probably figure out that UESF is a political organization that cares nothing about its actual teachers or the children and only cares about preserving its income sources. Why don’t so many of us leave UESF? At least for me it’s fear. I’m afraid of leaving UESF.

      Thank you for speaking up. Let’s get more to speak out and level the UESF playing field and get some new voices heard at the union.

    2. 7) Why were non-Black students allowed to use the “N Word” so cavalierly on the school grounds that many Black students felt so uncomfortable they actually left the school? Where was the protest when a Black student was called the N word then threatened with violence if she attended school the next day? Where was the protest when those racist students were allowed to attend school the next day when the Black family was told they would be suspended?

      1. @Bukla

        You are so right. The racism against black children that has been going on in the immersion and bi-lingual programs all throughout San Francisco is long overdue for investigations. It’s well-known that the teachers in immersion and bilingual programs overtly discriminate against black kids, and nothing has been done about it for years. Times up on programs designed and used to keep black kids out.

        1. Bukla,

          Thank you for providing the facts and numbers to prove your point.


          Yes, I know she provided no evidence at all as did no one in this

          Including me.

          I just get so sick and tired of listening to malicious gossip and innuendo.

          I know, I know … your sources are all ‘confidential’.

          Or, it’s a Personnel matter.

          Or, if you knew what we know you’d agree with our actions.

          But, we can’t tell you cause it’s a ‘secret thing’.


          1. SFBulldog-

            My facts and numbers are my own experience. I know the family of the child who was called and N word and threatened and heard it first hand from that family. I am not going to name them or the child’s name because that’s not my family or business to do so. My child goes to BVHM and tells me first hand about offensive language (N word) that non-Black students use. You can believe that or not. That’s your decision. Thanks,

        2. Dear Bukla,
          You’re very brave. I wouldn’t feel safe speaking up like that if my kids were still at that school. I have some experience dealing with some of the individual teachers and social workers there and I know they attack the character of people who disagree with them. This article is not honest about what’s happening there.
          I never thought too highly of Superintendent Matthews in the past, but I’m impressed with his resolve to put the kids first, and not cave to this bully group.
          Honestly, if I were you, I would put my kids in another school. I don’t see much hope for people not in the power crowd or who dare to disagree on anything at BVHM.

    3. COMMENT
      @Orietta and Can’t Speak,

      you both hit the nail on the head.

      All this over-the-top show is serving to scare people from ever reporting a principal in the future. People should be able to report and the district should be able to investigate without fear of this reaction, but anyone who has dealt with that small but loud group at BVHM knows to not disagree with them.

    4. Orietta,

      If people knew the things that I know about you, they’d ignore everything you write and say.

      Disclaimer …

      I know nothing about this woman (Orietta).

      Just thought I’d give her a taste of her own medicine.


      1. Roberto – I am not sure what you are talking about. Your comments are nonsensical, but amusing. Where exactly do you stand on the matter?

    5. Orietta, do you know anything about why she was suspended? I’m a parent at the school, and everybody I’ve talked to is either under a gag order or in the dark. Nobody will even tell us what she’s accused of doing. There are multiple problems at the school, including the ones you raised, but most of those are long-term problems that wouldn’t normally result in a principal being suspended in the middle of the school year. If you know something about this suspension, please post it!

  10. This is terrible,

    SFUSD has a poor track record of hiring and keeping competent personnel.

    In fact, quite the opposite.

    A couple of years back Dr. Matthews installed a non-Spanish speaking principal
    at a Spanish/English immersion primary school (Marshall Elementary) .

    Almost half of the parents could/cannot speak English and they went thru
    the 20 year veteran kindergarten teacher (Andres Tobar) when they had

    Incompetent principal and Superintendent Matthews and the principal
    (Avila?) cooked up child endangerment charges against Tobar and tried
    to destroy his career.

    A hundred parents crowded to the school’s doors within a couple of

    A judge tossed out the felony charge.

    “This is not a felony.”

    That’s what judge said.

    District pursued the attack on behalf of incompetent principal.

    Judge Samuel Feng gave Mr. Tobar a diversion alternative that
    allowed him to keep his credentials.

    Superintendent Matthews told the parents it did not matter
    because there was no way he’d allow Mr. Tobar to return.

    I went to every court date and there were a hundred parents
    and all of them, singing and praying in the halls at the Hall of

    This sounds like same tune.

    Evangelista for Superior Court Judge!

    Go Niners!