Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Juan Jimenez generally works five days a week as a butcher at Casa Guadalupe at 2999 24th St. But on his two days off, Jimenez hits the streets to look for more work. Waiting outside of the U-Haul at Alameda Street near Potrero Avenue, the 49-year-old Jimenez waited for work on a recent Friday..

“You’ve got to work, and put in the effort,” Jimenez said. 

Some days are easier and he’ll get some work tailoring work with a woman who works in the fashion industry, for which he’ll make as much as $200 for four hours of work. Other days, it’s a matter of luck that forces him to check-in at the Day Labor Center at 3358 Cesar Chavez St. before coming to the U-Haul store.

But the struggle has seemingly paid off, and Jimenez’ 26 year old son is studying to be an optometrist. 

“If I die here or in Mexico, it’s all right. I’ve already set roots here,” Jimenez said.

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