She was just a child when Angela Rose Dorantes took classes in classic dance styles at Betty May Dance Studios near 22nd and Guerrero. The dance school dated back to the 1930s and emphasized jazz, ballet and tap. That studio closed down in the 1980s, and in 1995, Dorantes decided to continue the tradition by opening Steppin’ Out Dance Studio at 697 South Van Ness Ave. 

Dorantes was cleaning its windows on a recent Friday. 

Dorantes, a third-generation, Missionite, is  excited to pass on some traditions to newcomers  and feels fortunate to have the space to do so.

She pulled out some old black-and-white photos that showed a class from the Betty May Dance Studios participating in a May Day celebration at the old Kezar Stadium. 

“Betty May would take a student and train them, almost like an old-school way of passing down information,” Dorantes said.