Far down on the southwest edge of James Rolph Jr. Playground at 26th and Potrero, Barry Simons was enjoying the cool grass as his dog, an Australian Shepherd named Izzy, played fetch. Izzy enthusiastically grabbed one of two green balls with her mouth and delivered it to Simons.

Simons had just returned from his 44th High School reunion in Cleveland.. 

“It was weird but great. I liked the people in my class,” Simons said. “They wound up living the same lives as their parents, they became their parents.”

Simons life took a different  turn. In 1977 he moved to San Francisco and lived in the Haight Ashbury area, attended law school and became an entertainment lawyer, representing musicians. He still does that today. 

“I get to make my own hours and go to the park whenever. It could be worse, I guess,” Simons said.