Sahra had wanted a pet. But because she lives in the Mission and rents an apartment, she can’t have any ordinary pets – dogs and cats were out of the question. So one night while searching online, she found a pigeon rescue website called Palomacy where you could adopt domesticated pigeons. 

“Pigeons were some of the first pets humans domesticated and they’ve been used as pets for a long time,” Sahra said.

Soon after, she found Selkie, a one-year-old Old German Owl pigeon, and the two spend a lot of time together. Walking down 18th street, Sahra explains that Selkie will go to a lot of places with her and is always calm and relaxed. They even go to work together and travel on BART.

Do they get any weird looks?

“Not really. People on BART are good about ignoring anything out of the ordinary,” she said.