The Mission District has long been a neighborhood where streets vendors gather to sell all kinds of miscellaneous items. Most of these sidewalk businessmen don’t have a vendor’s permit so they end up getting cleared out by police.

That’s where La Pulgita market comes in. Located on Julian St. behind Arriba Juntos, La Pulgita is a city-sanctioned outdoor marketplace where vendors can come on Saturdays to sell their goods.

Unlike Arriba Juntos’ own marketplace, vendors pay no fee to sell their items. The market’s coordinator, Natalie Guillen, is proud she can provide a space for individuals who often rely on their market earnings to make ends meet.

“I always have people coming up to me saying that, thanks to this, they’re eating tonight; thanks to this, they can pay for gas or whatever, right? And that makes me happy because I’m saying, ‘Wow, you know, this is serving its purpose,’” Guillen said. Listen to the story above.

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    1. David,

      They’re not thieves.

      They’re serious collectors who just can’t afford brick and mortar.

      ‘La Pulgita means ‘little flea’.

      Tjese places are all over the world.

      Good time to make one legal in SF.

      Go dig the scene next Saturday.

      One guy has a dozen guitars in all ranges.

      They’re like poor parents adopting out their children.

      Remember what the wise man (or woman) said …

      “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

      Go Niners in 10 short hours.


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