Outside of Philz Coffee on 24th Street, Benji Dizon waits for the 67-Muni bus that runs to Alemany Boulevard.  Sitting on one of the green chairs, he eagerly jumps to have his photo taken around the corner from the coffee shop with a mural as the backdrop. Dizon spots a section dedicated to Alex Nieto and poses in front of it.

“I want my photo with Alex in it,” Dizon says as he stands in front of the mural.

Dizon has lived all 39 years of his life in Bernal Heights with his parents. He spent a lot of time walking around the Mission with his father as a child and continues to spend a lot of time here.

Nowadays, he would like to find a wife – harder to do, he said, when you’re nearing 40 and still living with your family. 

“I’m a single guy and I’m just looking for Ms. Right, just trying to find someone who will fit me,” Dizon says as he gets ready to board his bus home. .