Photo by Graham Holoch, from KQED's 'The Hustle'

KQED’s award-winning series The Hustle has returned and is looking for artists interested in participating in the series. 

The station is asking Bay Area artists to fill out this survey to help inform their reporting or potentially to be included in a story.

The question of how artists manage to make ends meet has always been an intriguing one. However, survival has become increasingly relevant to the Bay Area in a time where tech’s pressure on the local housing market has increased the cost of living substantially.  

The Hustle explores how artists grapple with the increase in the cost of living while still pursuing their artistic passions. The series talks to artists who are “radically transparent” about their finances and the lengths must go to support themselves and their families. It also features breaking news stories related to artists and finance.

So help our friends at KQED out and fill out the survey.   

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Aleka A. Kroitzsh grew up in Mumbai, India and now lives in Berkeley, CA. She is an English major at Dartmouth College and is passionate about poetry, hiking, and travel.

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