trump pinata
The customer who bought this Trump piñata contributed more money to Nancy Chárraga and Casa Bonampak than any Mission dweller did to the actual Trump.

President Trump comes up only $78K behind Mission fave Mayor Pete

Here in the Mission, he’s Alcalde Pedro.  Source: FEC

When the Mission puts its presidential money where its mouth is, the dollars flow to Mayor Pete Buttigieg. 

The 37-year-old two-term mayor of South Bend, Indiana, raised the most Mission money in the second quarter of 2019, according to recently released data from the Federal Election Commission. He amassed $77,380 from the Mission between April 1 and June 30 of this year, significantly more than second-place fundraiser Elizabeth Warren, who raised $42,597.

The data is for the 94110 zip code, which covers Bernal Heights and the Mission south of 16th Street.

California Senator and East Bay native Kamala Harris finished third, with $26,317, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders finished fourth, with $12,121. For California as a whole, Harris has topped the pack in 2019, having raised $7.6 million in total here.

On June 29, Kamala Harris held a fundraiser at Manny’s on 16th and Valencia (where no fewer than 15 Democratic presidential aspirants have appeared to date). She received $2,225 from people who live in the Mission and $19,006 from San Francisco zip codes overall that day.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who did not launch his campaign until late April, raised $7,145 from the Mission for the period.

President Donald Trump received no donations from the Mission in the second quarter.

Most of Buttigieg’s haul came in April and May, with a significant drop in June. Biden and Harris’s campaigns stayed steady from May to June while Sanders and Warren’s campaigns were trending upwards.

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  1. These fundraising numbers say more about Firsco than they do our President if indeed that is the point. Didn’t Frisco go ga-ga for Bozo O’Rourke not that long ago? Mayor Petey will say anything for a contribution but he’ll be history before the spring thaws. Every single idea on his platform calls for more taxes and more government control. The usual tropes. Nary a word about turning Americans lose to do it on their own.
    Lizzie I’ve Got A Plan Warren is another fake that will say anything for a buck or a checkmark. What’s she done for the people of Massachusets?
    Harris, by attacking Biden has proven beyond a reasonable doubt she’s as slimey as it gets. Biden has done more for equal rights in this country than the rest of them put together multiplied by fifty. Harris has done nothing but pull the wool over Californians since she was elected to the Senate. A shameless showboat that has accomplished zero in the Senate other than to put mainstream America on notice it better wake up. Name me one piece of legislation she’s had passed or even made it to committee? She sponsors legislation knowing full well it’s going nowhere and then follows up with a fundraising letter. Who falls for that crap? She was certainly in line for a VP nod because of the nature of a contested convention sure to happen. But now? We’ll see if Biden and Harris can make good. Loretta Sachez would have made a ten times better Senator than ol’ Horizontal Harris but the sleazy Dem machine in California silenced her. As long as Senate Dems are in the minority Harris goes nowhere and will be relegated to the dustbin of history. Score in the Senate is kept by legislation passed–and that takes bipartisan effort yet she is clueless on the concept. Her colleagues on both sides of the aisle most certainly despise her but there is good money says she is the nominee if and when Biden falters.
    Anyone remember Hayakawa? Tunney? Murphy? Seymour? Boxer, god bless her, did come out vocally against the Iraq war but for the most part other than a reliable, liberal vote was ineffective.
    And I guess Frisco ain’t feeling the Bern any more? At least not the Mission. A broken record spewing forth nothing but class warfare smeared with promises. I wonder if Bernie grows his own vegetables?
    Booker? Another showboating coastal elitist using the Senate and the people of New Jersey as a stepping stone. He’s toast except in his own mind. What’s he adding to the enthusiasm?
    All in all a pretty sorry bunch but I still believe without Biden it’s a forty state landslide for the incumbent. The national polls showing Trump losing to so and so head to head are laughable.

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  2. This article seeks to convey an attitude that no one is supporting Trump, by picking and choosing data to align with its liberal agenda.
    Truth is , Trump has already surpassed his 2016 campaign fundraising dollars this year.

    Check out an article by a slightly more reputable and balanced site: Hoodline, in which they highlight a San Francisco Trump Fundraising Dinner, held by real estate mogul Carole McNeil in Nob Hill this week:

    “On Tuesday, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Convention (RNC) reported raising $105 million in the SECOND QUARTER of 2019. This puts the Trump campaign ahead of both its 2016 fundraising totals and the Obama campaign’s fundraising pace for the comparable quarter in 2011”

    Instead of patting yourself and the city on the back for a job well done, maybe pay attention to the same kind of rhetoric and ignorance that resulted in Trump’s election in 2016.

    This article in Mission Local only serves to belittle and mock Trump’s fundraising prowess in San Francisco, when in reality there are rich people here freely donating to his cause an amount that the common person earns IN ONE YEAR. There was probably ONE donor at her party in Nob Hill that donated more than ANY of these totals presented here, AT ONE TIME.

    What a load of crap, Mission Local !

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    1. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”



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