One might presume that Wilson Posada likes art from the countless paintings, sculptures, drawings, and designs surrounding him in his workplace, or from the intricate tattoos that cover his arms and neck. But that wouldn’t even scratch the surface.

The 42-year-old tattoo artist at Dermafilia Tattoo & Piercing shop on 3182 21st St. has traveled the world, studied, and works every day to further his exposure to art. And it has paid off. 

“Body art got me everything in life. It got me to travel, gets me good food, good clothes, I get to meet a lot of people and express myself. I can release ideas… just like some other world. I can get anything I want out of it.

“I’ve traveled all over Europe. I went to Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, England, Czech Republic.” says the Mexico City native, “Before getting into college, I didn’t know that much about art. So I was like ‘okay I’m gonna go to Europe and visit all the museums I can and learn about Art History the most I can.’ I needed to prepare to get into college, to get into art because I really want to focus and do all this.

“I had a camcorder because it was too much–you’re in France, and then next week you’re in Italy– and you’re like ‘Wow! Wow!’ So I was gonna document it all. I was trying to get the most I can, to absorb everything.”

To understand how it influences is current art, he said, it’s almost subliminal. He took in a lot and in doing so it now gives him the agency to experiment.

Even now as a tattoo artist, Posada still wants to learn more, “I’m able to do whatever tattoo, even if it’s really weird and different, it’s better for me because I get to do something different that maybe I’ve never done before.”