Photo by Hélène Goupil, 2009

Lucca Ravioli Company, a Valencia Street fixture since 1925, will close its doors today.

This was not the typical San Francisco gentrification story. The Feno family has owned this property, and more in the vicinity, for generations. Nobody is forcing them out. Rather, the real estate market, like Lucca’s own fare, is just too delicious to pass up.

And, tomorrow, it’s finito.

So Lucca will succumb, and something less tantalizing will come next.

In the meantime, get your sausages and ravioli by the end of the day today. And listen in to these interviews with Lucca customers stocking up for one last feast.

For Mission Local’s on-the-scene report of Lucca’s last day, see here.

For a glorious 2009 photo slideshow from Lucca, see here. 

Anthony Holdsworth captures Lucca in February. Photograph by Camille Cohen.

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  1. I’m offended by the contortions this article makes to distract from what should be a happy celebration of a great business and successful family.

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