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  1. Nice to see this report. It seems every park that I’ve walked my dog in the city now has coyotes; Glen Canyon, Bernal Heights, Buena Vista, McClaren, etc. The fact that I have a small dog makes me extra precautious these days, as I regular see and hear the coyotes.

    It would be interesting to see more reporting on our urban wildlife such as raccoons, birds, etc. as well as issues surrounding domestic city animals such as our dogs and cats.

  2. This is such bullshit. “…the problem boils down to managing people more than coyotes…”

    Take your management “practices” which boil down to telling people what it is that they can and cannot (“don’t feed the coyotes…” Why not?)and go pound sand.

    1. People with that attitude can not even give a logical reason why they feel that way. It boils down to fear and ignorance. Coyotes inhabit just about every major city in the country now because humans have developed the surrounding natural areas- if not with residential & commercial, then with utilities and infrastructure projects. Other species have just as much “right” to inhabit any given area on this planet as humans do.

      It would be great the City managed urban coyotes the way they do in the Presidio in a thoughtful manner, planned protocols in place and a focus on the needs of urban wildlife, while human & pet safety is the main priority. The problem in SF is that out park managers (SFRPD) have their own selfish political agenda that completely disregards the needs of urban wildlife and they are constantly hacking away at the trees and vegetation that is prime habitat for urban wildlife. The result is coyotes driven out of parks and into surrounding neighborhoods in search of food sources, increasing the potential for conflict. Our City has no long term plan in place for managing urban coyotes and whenever someone’s dog is attacked, the response is a knee jerk reaction intended to calm down the angry pet owners.

  3. Anyone have an update on the coyotes? I live at the foot of the hill on the North slope and am concerned because I haven’t seen or heard either of them for at the very least 3 months.

    I do hope they are well and alive.

    What happened? Where are they?


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