This week, Major League Baseball issued a suspension to Giants CEO Larry Baer. A video surfaced earlier this month that showed the team’s CEO yelling at his wife and then pulling her out of a chair. The league gave him a three-month suspension without pay. But was that punishment enough? We asked the Mission.

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  1. Larry,

    God blessed me with 6 wives.

    3 of the tried to kill me.

    Different ways.

    One with a car but I was quicker then.

    Another with shotgun but she was too slow.

    Last with a knife but she’s had no training.

    I came to one conclusion.

    If your wife tells you it’s ok to sleep with her best friend?

    She doesn’t mean it.

    Two things I want to see before I croak.

    First, like everyone, the Mueller Report.

    And, second like all San Francisco baseball fans …

    What was on Larry Baer’s phone.

    Go Giants!


  2. Castration, plain and simple. In the public square. At noon–with no painkillers. Wow, self-righteous Frisco weighing in and showing how it’s done. I must be the only one that saw the mrs having a breakdown? Show me your phone, as in who have you been sexting to? Am I the only one believing she made the biggest mistake of her life and will probably soon be the former Mrs Larry Baer? Think she’s gravely sorry she behaved as she did? Think she wishes it never happened? Sure, she’ll take half of his net worth and will never have to work another day in her life but he’ll have the young chickie half his age. He’s probably glad it’s over with now. But for what it’s worth Larry Baer has probably done as much for philanthropy as anyone in San Francisco. How many appearances has he made over the years for non-profits? How much Giants dough has he spread around to youth organizations? Single mother organizations? The homeless? Stray dogs? How many times has Larry Baer allowed Giants facilities for philanthropic causes? You pretty much name it, I’ll bet the Giants have contributed and Larry Baer has been at the forefront of all this. Even his personnal fortune he’s been more than generous with. As an ambassador for San Francisco he’s unsurpassed. For those nimwits on all the woo-woo organizations in City Hall, especially Debbie Meslow over at the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women to issue such a harsh statement is truly disgusting. And the reaction of the amen corner–equally disgusting but not the least bit surprising. If anyone deserved a pass in this city it was most assuredly Larry Baer. We’re eating our own.

  3. I agree that some form of punishment had to be done. Especially, given the aim around a non-tolorance of violence, type of society. I also agree with the man that was interviewed. I also feel as if some form of counseling and especially anger management, be required. This type of Behavior is rarely a one time occurrence. It is only a fraction of the bigger issue that may be going on with the CEO. Education is a must in order to prevent future conflicts.

  4. I don’t think that former CEO and partner Bill Neukom would agree that Baer’s public display was “The Giants Way”.

    Many of you young fans may not remember Mr. Neukom’s “Giant’s Way” binder……