Classical music plays from speakers on the McDonald’s restaurant at 24th and Mission at noon today. That’s the first time I’ve heard it and ouch, the speakers screech.

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  1. This happens at the McDonald’s in Outer Mission and while the aim is positive I advise them to play it not as loud as I live nearby and hear it ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

  2. This is ridiculous. I live nearby and this woke me up and kept me up at 4AM last night, which was incredibly frustrating because I had work this morning. I understand wanting to keep the homeless away, but this is keeping nearby residents up at night. Something needs to be done, I will probably also be calling the police.

  3. I live nearby and can attest to the fact that McDonald’s on 24th and Mission are blaring out loud classical music as late as 2.30 IN THE MORNING !
    I’ve called SFPD twice to report this noise disturbance which seemed to start about a week ago. ( l can in fact hear it as l’m typing this message in my house – in spite of the fact that l’ve installed double-hung window panes in my house.)
    SFPD sounded very dubious when l, at a call to them at 1.30 am, claimed McDonald’s was making a racket with extremely loud classical music well after midnight.

    1. I like the music, far better than some of the other loud noises from the plaza especially the _much_ louder evangelical preachers who blare their sermons using loudspeakers most weekends. I live less than a 100 feet from the McDonalds and can barely hear in my yard over the regular hum of other noise in the area.