Once and future mayoral candidate Ellen Lee Zhou’s noontime City Hall pro-Trump, pro-wall rally — for the immigrants — was attended by a crowd of, say, four people which, at times, dipped to two and, at others, rose to six.

Passers-by gaped and laughed at the oddity of a pro-Trump rally in the heart of San Francisco, as well as the jarring sight of a dozen demonstrators demonstrating in front of a far smaller number of demonstration-watchers. The crowd of two-to-six included at least one reporter and several men or women recording the event who were, potentially, adjuncts of the demonstrators.

Passer-by Roberto Ariel Vargas begs to differ with the pro-wall demonstrators. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

The handful of demonstrators skewed largely older and Asian.

Zhou, a declared 2019 mayoral candidate, received not quite 4 percent of the vote in June 2018. Erstwhile Republican mayoral hopeful Richie Greenberg, who polled at 2.8 percent in June, also appeared on the City Hall steps, where he assumed the role of designated shusher of the two observers who felt inclined to argue with the demonstrators.

A demonstrator gives a thumbs down to a bystander arguing with another demonstrator. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.