It's Jasper Johns meets these trying times of ours via talented artist Lisa Bostwick.

Artspan Open Studios

With more than 40 years of inclusive art gatherings in the city, Artspan Open Studios is showcasing up-and-coming and new artists across the city. This weekend, Artspan Weekend 5 will highlight studios in the Mission, Noe Valley, and in the Castro, though the list shows a lot of these taking place here in the Mission. Pacific Felt Factory will be hosting an open studio this weekend, you can visit them at 2830 20th Street. For the complete listings, visit Artspan.

Sunday mezcal tasting at Public Works

For four hours on Sunday, Public Worx will be hosting a mezcal-tasting event called “Mexico in a Bottle.” Part celebration of its cultural origins, part tasting event, “Mexico in a Bottle” will offer more than 100 brands of spirits and liquors along with discussions and presentations. Tickets are $80. More info at their website.

American art at Haus on 24th

While the midterms might be over, increased tensions stemming out of current national politics are putting people on edge. Artist Lisa Bostwick wanted to find a way to cool things down, and is doing so with showings of some her latest pieces at Haus Coffee on 24th Street. Her pieces, which she calls Long Game and Long View are a contemporary homage to Jasper Johns.

“It’s a scary time to be an American, but I want to put something positive out there,” Bostwick said.

The artist said she’ll be available for showings Saturday and Sunday. Her art will be on display until the end of the year. More information at her website.

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