Bing Chen smiles on her granddogs' big day. Her son, Peter, was also getting married that day, so she may have been happy about that, too. Photo by Joe Eskenazi

It takes a lot to turn heads in jaded San Francisco, but this qualifies: a pair of corgis in full nuptial regalia wandering through city streets.

“Ginger” and “Wally” may not be a well-matched couple, however. First off, he’s 3 and a half and she’s only 1 and a half — an awkward February-April romance.

And he’s her uncle. Not even Bill Wyman had such a gnarled family tree. Actually, check that: He did.

Ginger and Wally are owned by Peter Chen and Gracie Pan, who, coincidentally, were also married on Oct. 29 at City Hall. What are the odds?

Congratulations to all the happy couples.

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